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    First, I just want to say that I am happy to see a quick response to some suggestions — mainly being able to disable templates (particularly the default one)…. that’s awesome.

    BUT, now I cannot get a template to show up at all. The menu only lists the default template (even though that one is disabled) and not template #1, for which I unchecked the disabled option box.

    I want to keep the default template as is to refer to as needed. Do you have to use that template FIRST?

    I have the “Use Template Name” (rather than Template#) in the page… enabled.

    I love your plugin and want it to work properly! I am dependent on it…. 🙂

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    Additional notes about broken behavior…

    1) I reinstalled just to ensure that wasn’t the issue.
    2) I went into the settings and disabled all the templates and saved/updated
    3) went to the pages list and located the page that SHOULD display this template. In the quick edit, the menu for CFT templates DID offer Template#1 (by name) even though it was set to DISABLED in the settings!
    4) selected it and clicked the load button in Quick Edit
    5) updated
    6) Clicked the Edit link to view the content of this page and NO TEMPLATE!. Also, the CFT menu only offered the DEFAULT template!
    7) went back to CFT Settings and unchecked the diabled option for Template #1 and updated.
    8) went back to the page in question and NO TEMPLATE (except default)

    What’s up with this? I like the new options but will have to go back to the older version at this point… note, there were no specific or special instructions for upgrading versus installing… my plugins page notified me that there was a newer version of the plugin and I used the auto-update functionality to upgrade.



    OK. finally got this working, though not sure why or how…

    What I did was to put the template FILE name in instead of the “name” of the template… not sure if that was the issue but it’s working now, so I will change my status for the plugin.

    You might consider an example (if indeed having the file name of the template is that critical) to indicate that you mean the actual .php file name

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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