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  • Plugin Author dazza041


    Hi Chris,

    I’ve just made a small amendment to the .js file. Please try this again and let me know if this works. Can you provide a link?


    I’m working on a local MAMP install — my live test site doesn’t have enough events to be a good example.

    The updated js file didn’t do it. Still throwing the errors. I was able to fix that by replacing all the $s with jQuery like this:

    var tabContainers = jQuery('#month_holder > div');

    jQuery('div.entry-content ul li a').click(function () {
    jQuery('div.entry-content ul li').removeClass('active');
    return false;

    but found another but here:

    $month_html .= '<li class="<!--class_name-->">'.$month_name_abr.'';

    You’ve got an <li> and you’re giving it a class, but you never actually define the class. This wouldn’t be a problem if jQuery was adding its own classes there, but it’s not. And I’m pretty sure it’s not because you’re telling jQuery to look in div.entry-content ul li a but I don’t have any div in my theme called .entry-content. (One could argue that that’s my problem, but then you’re pigeon-holing your plugin to work on only a few specific themes.

    *found another bug. DIdn’t find another ‘but’.

    Confirmed. When I replace the div.entry-contentwith the applicable code for me (section.entry) it works (sort of, but I’ll get to that in a minute). Your best bet is wrapping your content in your own div and using that that way you can use whatever class you want.

    The ‘sort of’ qualifier is that when I do click on the months, it jumps me down the page which is jarring and kind of ugly, besides the fact that where I get left is right below the month display, meaning I can’t even be sure I went to the right place until I scroll back up . I made a screencast of what it’s doing so you can see what I’m talking about.

    As a sidenote, I work for Event Espresso and found your plugin this morning. We were talking about it and think what you’re doing is cool, so definitely interested in seeing this plugin improve 🙂 I have another thought/suggestion but I will hold off until later 😉

    Plugin Author dazza041


    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for dropping the source and a screencast. This definitely helped me pick out the issues.

    I have defined the wp_enqeue_script for JQuery as well as running the noConflict function. For me, this works. I’ve even set up a test domain on my server to make sure that a complete fresh install doesn’t cause any surprises.

    As for the div.entry-content ul li a, this was just sloppy. I already had a div defined and I am not sure why I did not use it. Lack of coffee perhaps. This has also been corrected.

    I’m hoping the combination of fixes (above) will stop your page from dropping down, thus forcing you to scroll back to the top. If not, well i’ll have another re-think.

    That’s interesting that you work for Event Espresso. I was discussing with my partner whether you would pick this up. By all means if you want to discuss and possible extensions I am all ears. But maybe once I’ve got the core JQuery problems sorted first.


    I’ll take a look today. We’re integrating support for jQuery Themeroller in EE 3.2, and you might think about doing something along those lines too (maybe just using it for the class/id names so if someone has it activated, it will style the css accordingly), otherwise the pink sort of overrides any possible theme styling unless someone goes in and changes it in their theme or the plugin’s css.

    Email me and/or Seth at my first name (at) eventespresso (dot) com (or Seth (at) eventespresso (dot) com) and we can talk about potentially helping each other out.

    Yeah, the jumping issue is resolved and everything is working as it should be 🙂

    You might consider doing a CSS3 transition to do a fade in when your switching to a new month. Purely a cosmetic thing but it would look sweet (I have a thing for CSS transitions 😉

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