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  • I am extremely excited to have found this plugin. After reviewing the documents and installing the plugin, I *think* it is great and will meet my needs. Before getting to excited I wanted to ask if someone could review the below and let me know if there are any major gaps.

    I’ll use Amercian Football as a reference for examples, but the data could be almost anything from cars, business names, etc.

    Step 1 – Create “supporting” tables for field drop down boxes

    Example tables:
    Person – this table would offer two fields, id and type. It would be used to declare the type of “person” we are collecting information about. Possible selections: players, owners, trainers, coaches, officials,

    Teams – this table would list of all teams. Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, etc. or it could be “none” for league officials and other support personnel.

    Page Type 2 – Data Entry (admins and trusted members)

    Person’s Name – text field
    Person Type – drop down box linked to the Person table mentioned above
    Team – drop down box linked to the Teams table mentioned above
    Date of birth – date field

    Once the data is complete, it would be submitted as a single record in a table. Basic validation would need to occur to ensure no duplicates of certain fields or combinations. A new page would become immediately available on the site, based on this record.

    This page, or another similar page, should allow admins to recall and modify existing records.

    Page Type 3 – Web pages

    Each record would then appear in a web page based on a template designed to display the data. This page should have a configurable URL based on the data. For example /dallas/troy-aikman could be a page for Troy Aikman from the Dallas Cowboys.

    These pages would appear as static content to viewers.

    Further enhancements and flexbility.

    1. For the “Teams” table, the admin may later decide to add a 3rd field to the table offering abbreviations. It could be DC = Dallas Cowboys, or “Dallas” or “Dal”, at the admins discretion.

    2. The system could be expanded beyond the NFL. The desire to add the Canadian Football League could be presented. Then a “League” table would need to be created. This table would have two fields, league and id. The “Teams” table would then have a league field added which would be linked to the league table.

    3. A historical record of pages could be kept in a similar manner to wikepedia. Records could be viewed before each alteration, and changes could be reverted by admins.

    4. Add comments to web pages.

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  • Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    Well… you’re outlining a pretty detailed data structure here. Currently, the plugin does not offer a normalized way of adding dropdown options in the way you outlined — in other words, the dropdown options are not stored in related tables as they might be if you were architecting an application from scratch. The dropdown options are also not key/value pairs, they are simplistic values only.

    There is a feature request in the works for the ability to have database values drive the available options for a dropdown (or multi-select), but it’s not yet implemented… it’s one of the planned field types here:

    However, this plugin still could represent a viable solution for you… you’d have to enter in the viable NFL teams as dropdown options… it would just be a bit unwieldily to have that many options in the dropdown.

    Your other assessments seem right on: as soon as you create a content type (aka a post type), and instance of that post type is potentially accessible via a URL as its own “page” on your site.

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