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  • I noticed that the home site of the latest articles, do not see the specific post.
    In settings -> reading past articles can be selected, but the site reads only those articles of the section and other sections that are created “Custom Content Type Manager”.

    I need to see them all, that all posts made ​​in various custom content.
    How can you do?
    I tried using other plughin as “Page post”, but articles written in the custom content are not detected by plughin.

    Please I need to solve the solution

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    I’m not sure I follow your problem here… you need your index.php page to show all post-types? Posts AND custom post-types? You may need to customize your theme — most themes will show only posts by default on the index. One solution for this is to create a dedicated page, named something like “My Books” or “My Movies” (or whatever your post-type is named), then on that page put either a summarize-posts shortcode on the page, e.g.
    [summarize_posts post-type="books"]

    Or make a custom page template and put the necessary PHP into the theme file.

    Is that what you were asking?

    It’s the answer I was looking for. One issue with your solution is that it just gives a list of all posts. Like the OP, I would love to have the default page to mimic the look and feel of the default WP home page but include the custom post type I create.

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    Ooops… I think I mistyped:

    [summarize_posts post_type="books"]

    There are a LOT of options you can pass to the summarize_posts shortcode — it’s very powerful, so you can zoom in on exactly the posts you want to display. See the wiki:

    I’m a landslide with the code.
    The command “summarize_posts” is great, however it lists the post only as list, while in the home of the sites appear to previews of single post.
    (maybe. I have not read the appropriate command of “summarize” for have the extensive view posts?)

    Now I’m Control more better the commands of summarize.

    However, a further integration of the “custom post” in post-default can be a good idea(with specific option, of course).And this idea is also a better fit with other plughin that managing the post. πŸ™‚

    I have not found any command to preview the post in the options of Summarize.
    Or perhaps the command does not display properly.

    I do not know how to do :/

    I have resolved with this plughin :

    SF Pages For Custom Posts

    I set the page where view the custom posts, and set this page with home in the site ^^.
    (other plughin for archivie is : SF Archiver)

    thank for assist

    I have not resolved :(.

    because i can choose only tipe of custom post, and i cant see the normal post of wordpress.

    I need ad automatic plughin that post in primary article a link of the custom post. example how do facebook.

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    There is a wiki with all this information in it — I don’t think you need any other plugin to do what you’ve described. You can preview the posts by altering the formatting string. You can list the types of posts you want to see. There’s even a button to click to help you do this. E.g

    [summarize_posts post_type="post,page,book,movie"]
    My Content: [+post_content+]
    My Featured Image <img src="[+thumbnail_src+]" />
    Custom fields [+something+]

    If you want even greater functionality, you’ll do this via the PHP in the template files.

    I have choose for a simple view, and have only article on home .
    ^^” thanks for the help

    Thank you for this thread, it’s helped me understand how to get a list of my custom posts.

    Can you point me in the direction of pulling a post thumbnail into that summary list?

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    See my previous code, it’s laid out there for you verbatim: use the thumbnail_src placeholder, but that’s only available if you have enabled the “Featured Image” on your posts (or custom post-types).

    More examples here:

    That’s what I was missing, the featured image, thank you!

    Thank you for this plug in — it’s my “missing link”. I’m inspired now!

    Here’s another question about using those short codes to get a page summary of all the custom post types.

    Is there a way to include a command to list the link back to the post itself?

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