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    WordPress by default does not support different templates for each post. Pages let you do this, but you have to create a specially named theme file for the purpose — your template file must contain “Template Name” in the info header:

     * Template Name: Your Template Name Here

    Note that this is all WordPress functionality — it has nothing to do with the CCTM.

    The other thing WP supports is a dedicated for each post-TYPE (not each post). You must name the file “single-xxxxx.php” in your current theme’s folder where “xxxx” is the name of your post-type. This is all shown in detailed in the video on the CCTM’s page as well as in the FAQ, and there’s also instructions on the CCTM –> Content Types –> Sample Template pages.

    There is a feature request to allow other content types to choose other templates in the same way that pages do:


    thank you for your answer! This is exactly what i did. The functionality i would like to have is something like this:

    Custom-Post-Type: Movie -> Works
    Custom-Post-Type-Template: single-movie.php -> Works
    Custom-Post-Type-Template-by-Post: single-movie-movie1.php -> ???

    I have a Custom Post Type and it has a Template which is working and used as default for this Post Type. Within this post type it offers me to choose a template for this particular Post but this is not working.

    What i did so far:
    I modified different hooks in funtions.php of the template to allow this template but it seems that it gets overwritten by the default template for the this post type.

    Any help or point in the right direction is appreciated!

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    Like I said, it’s not currently possible, but it is a feature request (see issue #19 above). There is another plugin that does this: for custom post-types, but it does require a little bit of customization to set it up.

    I tried and tried .. either i am missing a point or lack the skills to do it on my own. Any help appreciated!

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    What exactly are you trying to do? The functionality you described earlier is not currently possible natively in the CCTM. If you need help using the custom-post-template plugin, you should ask in that forum.

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    Marking this resolved since the question relates to a different plugin.

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