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  • RyanKent



    I am brand new to WP and this add-on. I have some basic questions which I am hoping can be answered.

    1. I have some basic tables which are pre-populated with information. Is there a way to associate a drop-down box used in a custom field with an existing table? For example I have a “country” table with a list of over 100 countries, a “state” table, etc.

    2. Is there a means to group and sort custom pages in a filter or search format? For example, if there is a “Football Teams” content type, then one of the custom fields would be “division”. A user may want to list all the teams in the AFC or NFC divisions. How easy is it to set up a basic search page with some of the custom fields showing drop down boxes which enable the results to be filtered based on user selection?

    3. How can I contact this plug-ins author? I wanted to inquire about donations and future upgrades. I clicked on the name but did not see any e-mail address or other means of contact.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • RyanKent


    I am beginning to work with the add-on a bit more and have further questions.

    – Can the drop down list be sorted easily? If there are only a few items it is easy enough to re-arrange the list, but some of my drop down lists will have many selections.

    If the list is sorted, ideally there will be a method which allows most, but not all of the list to be selected. For example, the default entry would be blank, followed by “United States” since it would be the most popular selection, and then a list of the remaining countries alphabetized.

    – presently the layout of custom fields is:
    line 1 = label
    line 2 = content
    line 3 = description

    I would prefer an option so the layout could be:
    line 1 = label – description
    line 2= content

    On a page with a lot of fields there is plenty of empty horizontal space while the page length could be reduced by 33% by eliminating the extra line.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    1. Currently, no, you can’t access data from other tables. As I mentioned in your other post, this is a feature that is currently planned, but not yet implemented: The best way to get that implemented would be a paying gig so I can prioritize its development 😉 It is a GREAT idea to do this, I just haven’t had the need to develop it yet.

    2. You can do a lot of searching for custom content types using my other plugin: — this is slated to be merged into the Custom Content Type Manager plugin, but for now they are separate. You can set this up in your template files for example to return all instances of posts with a certain taxonomy.

    There are also some handy template functions built into the CCTM: see — in particular, the get_posts_sharing_custom_field_value() function might be useful to you.

    3. The plugin’s author: I’m right here. You can contact me via the email address on my web site (which is listed on the plugin page).

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    Re your other post:

    No, unfortunately, the dropdown list options cannot be sorted. It’s a simplistic implementation which makes it probably a big pain in the arse for cases where you have lots of options. Again, a more thorough/advanced dropdown field is something slated for development.

    Re the custom formatting, yes, that is also on the table for development. A previous version of the plugin had more options available to customize the manager HTML, but I had to put that on hold to get other features out the door. See this feature request: The idea is to give site managers full control of how the custom field HTML is rendered, allowing you to add your own HTML, CSS, or Javascript in any way you want. Again, the best way to get this implemented quickly is if I can score a paying gig where I need to do it… otherwise, all the dev on this stuff tends to be back-burnered.

    Hope that helps!

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