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  • you don’t need any plugin to create custom menu.

    Go to

    Appereance > Menu > type anything and click create new menu

    than on left side enter link and alt and add …

    for sub menu slide menu to right side under main menu

    save this new menu

    that’s it


    Not sure I follow… if you define a post-type and activate it, that post-type shows up in the WP admin menus so you can create and edit posts in that post-type. See the videos — that should be really straightforward… it’s documented in detail in the readme.txt and on the project web site (

    If you want to add your custom posts into a menu under WP’s Appearance –> Menu then just make sure you have the “Show in Nav Menus” option checked under the post-type’s advanced tab, then you can add your custom posts to your menus just like you would for normal WP pages.

    Other than that, all the post-type data is stored in the same table as WP posts and pages, so you can query on it using built-in WP functions (e.g. get_posts()), or using my Summarize Posts plugin. CCTM does all this in as “WP-friendly” manner as possible. The only wheels I reinvented were the ones WP never got rolling to begin with.

    If you’re asking something else, then please be specific in your question and I can try to give a specific answer.

    Apparently my theme does not allow me to create custom menus:

    “The current theme does not natively support menus, but you can use the “Custom Menu” widget to add any menus you create here to the theme’s sidebar.”

    Hmmm, that’s a problem. How do I fix this ?

    Any suggestions ?

    And THANKS (mean it) for the quick response folks!

    I retract the question…as this is not your area….my apologies. But thanks for the quick response.

    Yeah… WP’s way of adding menus grates against the core of my developer being. It blurs the view layer of the application in very unhealthy ways. But this does make me want to improve the message used in the CCTM.

    ok, NOW my theme supports custom menus, problem solved…well one of them anyway.

    However, now I have a different problem.

    How do I get your product to automagically add content to a drop down menu of my own choosing ? I don’t want to have to come back to a custom menu each and every time I add a new piece of content. Shouldn’t it be adding to the menu automagically ?

    To be clear I have done the following:

    1.) Navigated to Manage Custom Content Types.
    2.) Selected my new type (musicalnotes).
    3.) Selected EDIT.
    4.) Selected the ADVANCED tab.
    5.) Made certain that “Show in Nav Menus” has been selected
    6.) Saved.

    What am I missing ?

    Thanks ahead of time!

    I’m not a big fan of how WP has implemented menus… it’s pretty idiotic, so forgive my blatant dislike of it.

    The thing is that the “default” WP menus only support “cherry-picking”: i.e. you pick which posts or pages you want. Basically, you get some eye-candy that achieves the same thing as pasting some raw HTML into your theme files = epic fail in my opinion.

    The gold you’re after is *dynamic* menus, and that’s NOT something WP shines at. You have to do so indirectly by using Categories: put your custom posts into a category, and add that category to the menu. (Enable categories on your custom post-type under the “Taxonomy” tab when you create or edit your custom content type definition). You’ll notice that this approach gives you no control over order of the menu items.

    The other approach I would recommend is not one that WP would approve of, but given WP’s disastrous architectural decisions, that may not be a bad thing. Here’s the alternative approach:

    1. Create a WP page dedicated to displaying a list of your custom posts. Since it’s a page, you can select a dedicated template file to format it.
    2. On that page’s template, use PHP to select and display your custom posts (e.g. using get_posts() or my other plugin: Summarize Posts).

    By using a raw PHP function to select your posts, you can ensure that you select the posts you want and that you format and order them the way you want. You can put this same type of PHP code into your header.php file to dictate how those posts display.

    Hope that makes sense. WP is very poorly structured in this regard, so you have dig your way out of the mess it created. Note that this isn’t at all related to the CCTM plugin: you have the same hurdles when adding regular posts and pages to your site.


    Thanks for the long post. I appreciate the info.

    I went with option number 1. In fact I had already done that as a solution to my problem…sort of.

    And further still, I had posted this:

    On your other board. Apparently you haven’t see that. Because I was asking for formatting help regarding how best to format my results. As its not clear how I would do that with the current plug in.

    However you do raise an interesting question, is it possible to feed the summerize results into a ‘dynamic’ menu ?


    Ack, sorry. I’m not getting notifications on the other board even after repeatedly trying to adjust my preferences there: yes, my docs are woefully behind the code at this point (sorry), but there is a whole page of examples here: — it’s a bad business to support free plugins though… it’s easily a full time job with no pay (sad trombone).

    Yes, it’s absolutely possible to use Summarize Posts to achieve a dynamic menu. That’s the whole point. Your formatting options are limited if you use the shortcode version though (the PHP version is much more flexible). So I’d still recommend using that somewhere in your header.php file to generate your menu. It may end up bypassing the WP menu generation, but it’s kinda half-assed anyway.

    Gonna look at your other post…

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