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How do you get content to display correctly? (2 posts)

  1. PIwebsite
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just installed this plugin and was ecstatic to find it since I've spent days trying to figure out how to accomplish my goal. It's very simple, but I'm not a coder and barely a designer - so not easy for me.

    Anyway - I watched the video and had no trouble setting up my custom post type - my problem is getting it to display correctly. Actually .. it may be correct, since I don't know how it should be displayed, but it shows all the fields in a centered column and displaces the sidebar. It also shows "email" as "array" and "website" as "array" even though that is not what is selected in the output.

    I'm sure I just missed a step somewhere, but have looked at every post in the forum and read everything I can easily find here. From what I can tell you have to know php to figure out the display output and then do a full custom css to get it to line up correctly.

    If there is an easier way, can someone please tell me what it is
    if not, can I hire someone to do it for me - I'm just trying to create a simple business contact info block that is searchable.

    thank you

    sample of page http://pipronet.com/pi_single_contact/jane-doe/


  2. fireproofsocks
    Plugin Contributor

    Posted 3 years ago #

    If you're seeing "Array" printed out, that usually means that you've got a list of multiple values as the result of having a "repeatable" field instead of a single "normal" field. It takes a bit more skill to loop over items in a list, so I'd recommend that you first edit your field definitions so those fields are storing single values (i.e. NOT repeatable). Once you've mastered that, then you can try using a repeatable field -- you can use some of the many Output Filters (http://code.google.com/p/wordpress-custom-content-type-manager/wiki/OutputFilters) to help you there, e.g.


    Hope that helps.

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