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  • Hi There,
    First of all may I thank you for being my saviour – I have searched far and wide for a plugin that actually displays the label names so that they are visible to visitors for months!
    I think I just need to do a little tweaking to get it perfect for my needs…

    I have a Category set up on my site called ‘Contributors’ and contributors is also what I have called my Custom Post Type. So, say there are 5xlabels per contributor: Name, Location, Image, Occupation, What you are passionate about. And I assign each contributor to the ‘Contributor’ category.

    I want each contributor to appear in a list format when ‘Contributors'(the category) is selected from the navigation menu. So the ‘Contributor’ category page would look like this:

    Name: Sarah
    Location: London
    Image: 🙂
    Occupation: Designer
    What you are passionate about: Music

    Name: Mackie
    Location: London
    Image: 🙂
    Occupation: Cat
    What you are passionate about: Mice

    …etc etc rather than only the contributor’s name showing up in the list and the default image which you then have to click through to see all the labels+info.

    Is there a way I can do this? I’m not fluent at all in php, but I can edit the files no problem if you were able to help me out on this one I would be eternally grateful!!!

    Many thanks,

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  • Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    Thanks for the note. I’m on vacation at the moment, so I can’t take too long in this internet bar… but there are some conflicts inside WP that make it a bad idea to name a taxonomy the same name as a custom post type… so I attempt to prevent that in my plugin.

    I would recommend either changing the name of either your post type or of the taxonomy — you can use whatever labels you want, but in the database, it’d be best not to confuse the two.

    However, from what you’ve described, I don’t see any need for a custom taxonomy at all: just create a custom post type and add the custom fields you need. Hope that helps.

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    If there is a bug, please file a bug report here:

    Otherwise, take a look at my other plugin: summarize-posts:

    You can use it to lists posts in the way you described.

    Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to get back to me on this one…especially as you’re on holiday! I really appreciate your help. Im not going to have time to try this out on this project, but have bookmarked all the links and will be trying it on the next website I do. Thanks very much, youve opened up a load of options to me with this info.

    Enjoy the rest of your time off!
    Many thanks again.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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