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  • Well let me start out by saying that my current project is by far the largest I have ever attempted to create and I am already way above my skill level but I guess that is how we learn.

    I think Custom Content Type Manager will do what I want but need some help. The website I am working on is a State side listing of Historical Markers, Sites and Events. What I want to create is a widget or button that will go to “Add Post” and allow me to restrict what information can be added.

    I want the visitor to be able to click on this widget and add their own Historical Marker, Site or Event. Provide a discription, images and map information (latitude & longitue). Next it wouild await approval where I can then go in and proof it, create the map based on the info they provided and publish the article.

    Can this be done using Custom Content Type Manager or is there another plugin I should be using? I really appreciate everyones answers, suggestions and ideas.

    Thank you
    Bob Fleege
    Ames, Iowa, USA

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  • Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    Letting the visitor add data is dangerous: from a security standpoint, you need to do lots of validation and filtering to ensure that they’re not posting something malicious to your site. Your idea to leave the post in draft status until verification is a good one, but you still would need to thoroughly sanitize your data.

    There isn’t a magical way to do this with the CCTM yet — what you’re asking for is a way to generate forms to the user. Currently, the CCTM’s form generation only occurs in the manager.

    CCTM does include a few classes that I developed for this sort of thing, however, namely the SP_Post class — note that there are no docs on how to use this, and if you’re not up to speed on WP template customization, form generation, and PHP programming, then the existence of that class probably won’t help you any.

    This is a feature request, so it’s on my radar, but it’s not something you can do easily yet:

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