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  • I encountered the same issue and was able to get around it by putting my form inside a <DIV> tag. That fixed the IE issue for me.

    Got the same thing, plus Style don’t work at all when displaying in IE9. All other browser seem to work.

    Palm, I’m goanna try that..

    Hey same issue!! IE9 isn’t working. I figured that the html code’s has an error for all fields.

    <input class=" ccf-tooltip-field" id="ccf_phone-1335722896" type="text" name="ccf_phone" value="" maxlength="30">

    Notice the space just before the class attribute after the “. That probably breaks the styling.. but i dont know how to fix this. Chrome, firefox all are smart enough to display this correctly.

    Hello, still no solution. IE9 is not displaying this correctly, just because of that spacing.

    Experiencing the same issue. I found the PHP that adds the class and removed the space from the class name, but still no dice.

    After looking more into it, apparently in IE9 the DOM element of the form container is empty. That means all of the containing divs and input elements are rendering outside of the <form> tag.

    Obviously, this messes up any CSS you have declared as form div input{}. Haven’t found a solution yet, but would appreciate any help in finding one.

    The only styling-difference I see in IE9, is the shadow and fade-in effect on the tooltips.

    But I do seem to have an issue with a couple of styling choices. For instance, nothing happens when I change the tooltip font-color or the button background – and this is for all the browsers.

    Are you guys experiencing the same thing?

    Hi has anyone resolved this issue i’m desperate i cannot even submit the form in IE9 works fine in IE8 and every other browser – suggestions pleaseeeeeee

    Adding the <div> tag as palmettoparrots suggested seems to work. Of course, in WordPress the protocol is [div][/div], and I discovered that if a block is already wrapped in a [div][/div], only the opening [div] is necessary. I placed a single [div] in front of the form and allowed the [/div] to close both. Nesting in WordPress is a little weird.

    Can you give an example of how you are wrapping the div around the form? I am having the same issues in IE.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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