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  • Would love this too – or at least have the subject have the form name/id embedded in it

    You can specify the default subject easily (see below). I haven’t found out how to customize it as a single use per form, which of course would be more useful.

    In the plugin admin/General Settings:
    Enter your default email subject

    Default Email Subject:
    Default subject to be included in all form emails.

    I am looking for how to customize the From Name Email. This option is not available as a default OR as a single use form option.

    Hi I had a simliar problem (or requirement).

    I am no WordPress Expert but I made a little mod to the custom contact forms code to allow it to use a form variable as part of the subject.

    I am no PHP expert either! Although this mod works for me please make sure you take a backup before trying it.

    1. Take a backup of wp-content/plugins/custom-contact-forms/custom-contact-forms-front.php
    2. Edit the file and locate the lines as follows;

    $mail->AltBody = __("To view the message, please use an HTML compatible email viewer.", 'custom-contact-forms');
    $mail->CharSet = 'utf-8';

    Which starts around 453 in my install (CCF Version
    3. Insert the following code before the code in point 2

    /* start of insert code to allow form variables in email subject */
    $subjectwords=explode(" ",$mail->Subject);
    foreach($subjectwords as &$thisword){
        if(substr($thisword,0,1) == '%' and substr($thisword,-1,1) == '%') {
           $key = trim($thisword,'%');
           $thisword = $data_array[$key];
    $mail->Subject = implode(" ",$subjectwords);
    /* end of insert code to allow form variables in email subject */

    4. Ok now you can insert one of your form variable names into the subject of your mail between % signs – like %ccf_fromname%
    Now I couldnt find this parm, but it is in the MYSQL table <prefix>_customcontactforms_forms – you should a row for each form you have, and if you edit with phpmyadmin you can see the subject in column ‘form_email_subject’
    5. Voila!

    If you are comfortable around phpmyadmin and a bit of code editing it should be no trouble – you can use a similar technique to modify the fromname etc etc.

    I hope that helps
    PS: Backup Backup Backup!!!!

    Just read you comment too – I did this by modifying the column ‘form_email_name’ in table <prefix>_customcontactforms_forms.

    If you want it to be based upon a form variable then you could adapt my code above to make a similar behavior.


    BrusselsExpats solution works great for idividiual fileds, but I’d like to customize my subject line based on a slection from a dropdown list. I would really appreciate if someone could post the code, because I have no PHP programming experince and have no clue how to change the code.

    Huge thanks in advance gusy!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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