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    Hope you can help. I recently updated my version of wordpress and along with it the plugin for custom contact forms updated. Unfortunately I cannot see the forms I created anymore through the “Manage Form” section. Also the “Saved Form submission” section does not show the forms although I can view the last four forms from the dashboard. I really need to access the forms which have already been created as i need to update some of the content. Can anyone help I really dont know what to do.


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  • I am having same issue here i ended up using something else although custom contact form seems to be the best i’ve tried

    I also am having difficulty now with this plug-in. I used is successfully on a site a few months ago and it really was great, so configurable. However, I’m beating my head against the wall today with a new site that requires some forms. I fill out all of the fields in order to create a new form, click the “Create Form” button, but nothing ever shows up in the form list below. If anyone has any ideas, I would be very grateful. Or, if this form plug-in is broken, and you know of another form plug-in you’ve had success with and could share it with me that would also be great. I really thought this one was the best I’ve tried until today’s aggravation. I’m also running WordPress 3.2.1.


    I had a similar behavior when I researched the issue detailed in my post earlier.

    Check the MySQL config to see if sql-mode is set to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES.

    Defining the constant WP_DEBUG as true should give you extra info you can use to find the actual source of the error.

    Thanks deltafactory, I looked for this variable (sql-mode) and found it and it appeared to have nothing assigned to it, but don’t see anyway to set it to a value. Not sure I would know what to do with this information anyway. However, I do appreciate your sending a response.

    Assuming it’s not on a live site, turn on WordPress debugging and you should see the database error. If you can post that it would help a lot.

    OK delta factory, I figured out how to turn on debugging and have some output for you (by the way this site is being hosted by Yahoo Small Business when the first one where I was using this plugin is hosted by iPowerWeb, not sure if it makes a difference). Here is the output after attempting to create a new form:

    Notice: Undefined property: CustomContactFormsAdmin::$getAdminOptionsName in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/custom-contact-forms/custom-contact-forms.php on line 62

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘form_style’ in ‘field list’]
    INSERT INTO wp_customcontactforms_forms (form_slug,form_title,form_style,submit_button_text,form_email,form_email_subject,form_email_name,form_success_message,form_success_title,form_thank_you_page,form_access) VALUES (‘form1′,’Subscribe to our Email List’,’0′,’Send Information’,”,’ACBB Email Request Form Submission’,’ACBB Website’,”,”,”,’a:8:{i:0;s:13:\”Administrator\”;i:1;s:6:\”Editor\”;i:2;s:6:\”Author\”;i:3;s:11:\”Contributor\”;i:4;s:10:\”Subscriber\”;i:5;s:20:\”Calendar Contributor\”;i:6;s:17:\”Event Contributor\”;i:7;s:19:\”Non-Registered User\”;}’)

    Notice: Undefined index: insert_default_content in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/custom-contact-forms/custom-contact-forms-admin.php on line 337

    Notice: Undefined index: contact_author in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/custom-contact-forms/custom-contact-forms-admin.php on line 341

    Notice: Undefined index: clear_tables in /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/custom-contact-forms/custom-contact-forms-admin.php on line 345

    Thanks again very much for your help with this!

    That column should be in there. I don’t know if it’s a newer field, but you should be able to deactivate and then reactivate the plugin to have it update the table fields. If not, perhaps debug mode will reveal the source of that error.

    The other Notices are not a big deal though it would be great if they were addressed by the developer. *hint hint* 🙂

    Actually, I have deactivated and reactivated this plug-in a few times now, hoping that might make it work. Also checked the versions of both WordPress and Custom Contact Forms in both of my site installations, since I can’t imagine why it is working on one but not the new one. The debug output I posted occurred after attempting to create a form. What should happen (and does on my other 1st successful site using 4 Custom Contact Forms currently), is the name of the new form should appear below in the form list. However, nothing appears or happens in the form list after clicking the create form button. Looks like I’ll probably have to give up on it at this point, although it is not in my nature to give up!!

    Thanks again for your trying to help me with this, I really appreciate it!

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