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  • I am using your 2.1 version, seems to work for the most part, but you have it set so that if a url isnt entered for an image, it shouldnt try to use one in the css. Some people just want control of the look and dont want to use custom images. Like me. =)

    Ok, onto the real issue. When making custom changes in the login, the changes so fine in the preview box after saving, but when actually trying to view the changes in FF or IE when not logged in, it doesnt show any of the custom css i have used. I dont even see where its even attempting to load such things. Any ideas?

    BTW, thanks for this simple to use plugin.

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  • also, on about line 401, you have:

    <p class="backtoblog"><a href="" title="Are you lost?">&larr; Back to <?php echo get_settings('blogname'); ?></a></p>
            <form name="loginform" id="loginform" class="loginform" action="" method="post">

    Obviously we dont want our login forms linking to your site =P

    EDIT: whoops, thats just your sample login form, but i dont see the point in having it link to your stuff. =P

    You also have some invalid markup, just your <script> tags. Should be <script type="text/css"> as you obviously already know.

    Ok, so i fixed the custom css issue by adding the following code to line 516 right before the </script> tag:


    Ok, more problems: for some odd reason, your code is inserting the admin header area inside the <head> tags. whats up with that? I hate to sound like a jerk as i honestly do appreciate your work, but did you bother to validate any of your code?

    Thanks for the heads up on the custom css issue with the login page. As you figured out I didn’t add in the variable to pull in the custom css to that page. I have corrected that for the next release.

    As for the “linking to my stuff” I always found it easiest to dissect code if it has real world examples – and so why not use my url?

    Not sure about the invalid script tags – maybe you can educate me – but I’ve never seen the script tag matched up with “css” before.

    I realize that the admin header is inserting in the head tags but the only WordPress hook that I have found that allows for the custom header to be placed properly is ‘admin_head’. If you or someone else has a answer I would be more than willing to rectify the situation.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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