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  • First thanks for a great plugin.

    I’m road testing several PM plugins at the moment and yours is quite nice.

    Some things to consider for future versions.

      Delete button – currently unable to delete messages
      Theme template hook – currently only a [shortcode] version
      Nonce – would be good to add for extra security but be sure to read up on the wp_nonce_ays() “are you sure” bizarre errors that sometimes arrise
      User_level/user_can – subscribers can only PM admin – admin can PM anyone – for support use


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  • Plugin Author Jonathan Lau


    Thanks for your feedback.

    I wrote this plugin because I couldn’t find any suitable PM plugins to use for my own site. Most PM systems don’t have the “conversation” type of PMs which my site need.

    1) Delete button – will come, only a matter of time, probably next release

    2) Theme template hook – hmm good thing to add, but for now you can use do_shortcode()

    3) Nonce – thought of that but haven’t implemented it yet. Should come soon too!

    4) Subscribers can only PM admin – good idea. I will look at doing this. Admin, by default, can PM anybody. Right now, there is a feature that restricts users from starting PM but allow them to reply to PMs sent by admins.

    @bren Great suggestions!!

    If I can add my 2 cents…

    The frontend shortcode version is without a doubt the cleanest PM system I’ve seen WP so far, and that’s saying a lot. Awesome job Jonathan!!

    In addition to bren’s suggestions I’d like to see color customization (or even image replacements) for the buttons (i.e. inbox, sent, etc.).

    Secondly, I know everyone is trying to avoid WP’s dashboard like its the plague, but some (like myself) embrace the WP Dashboard with Dashboard Plugins such as “Fluency Admin” & “My Brand Login”.

    It would be great if you could synchronize the FrontEnd PM system with the WP Dashboard on the Backend.

    Plugin Author Jonathan Lau


    I thought of color customization too. But right now everything’s in the CSS so that makes it a little more troublesome to implement. I’d put this on the roadmap, but probably not for the next release.

    As for integrating this into the WordPress Dashboard, I would possibly make this an option to have. For my site, the dashboard is completely disabled for non-admin users so I haven’t thought of this.

    Just wondering if it is possible to find the PM logs somewhere. Are they stored in a particular file/folder on the server?

    I used cubePM for an in-class simulation with my students and was hoping there was an efficient way to print transcripts of all communication (I told them this would happen at the end).

    I did have them “cc” me on every PM they sent, so I could ultimately go into each PM, copy and paste to a doc, and then print.

    Just looking for a more efficient way. Thanks.

    How to delete message? Will any future versions?

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