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  • Hi,
    Im using CSV Importer and it works great, I really like it.
    I have over 5,000 posts that I must import in over 20 blogs! I really need to use a plugin like that.

    Data is stored into another mysql database, I can export it using my own script on the same format required by CSV IMporter. The problem is that my database stored the html code for that post, because I have some inserted images, links, bold tags, etc.
    Everytime I try to import posts with CSV Importer I get simple plain code… all html tags like a, center, br, etc are included on the posts like text…
    Are there any way to avoid that the plugin deletes it? I really need that my posts looks fine with the right format and I cant edit post by post to fix it.
    Wait for any comment.

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  • Hi,
    I just want to update that I read on the file sample.csv included on the sample folders of that plugin, a basic sample to import things in html.

    I detected that if the html code is simple, and its not replaced tags like “” with &quote, it works great.

    I imported 150 posts and it shows well formatted!


    Still unable to import HTML and the sample files dont have html sample


    as the original poster mentioned, the sample.csv DOES have examples of html

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