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  • It doesn’t look like the plugin has been updated in a while, so I forked it.

    My version gives you the ability to import a featured image from a url, but I’m still working on the functionality to get it to find an image that was already uploaded and use it as the featured image.

    excellent I did buy turboCSV But don’t remember if I used it for images. I will check it out on my test Site and Let you know how it goes Thanks

    Thanks bheadrick, It works like a charm!

    I’ve been trying other CSV import plugins with this feature but no one gets the perfect result of CSV Importer. With other plugins, I usually have problems with the HTML tags.


    Sweet.. I got it to import the images as he featured image.. trying to figure out how to get the image into the ‘post_post’ or shall I just embed it with a <img src=…>? Clarification on the technique would be very helpful.. not quite understanding the tutorial.. please give an example..

    yeah, should work with just standard html, of course, you would need to upload the image separately (either as a non-featured attachment through csv or manually through media library.

    Hey Bryan, I was really excited to find this. But a dumb question– what heading do you use in the CSV for the featured image column? Is it csv_post_featured_image? I’m just guessing here.

    Okay now I feel silly– the column title is “csv_attachment_thumbnail” which I discovered in the additional documentation in the plugin page after it’s been installed in wordpress. Thanks so much Bryan for making this fork!

    I also intend to use csv_post_featured_image (or csv_post_thumbnail to use an image that has already been uploaded to the media library, but strangely, that’s a bit more challenging.

    Hi, I have updated to your forked version. I am trying to import photos along with my posts and have them be the featured image (thumbnail). I have formatted like this:

    csv_attachment_thumbnail (thumbnail)

    and the images don’t show up. I think my problem is I don’t know what to put in for (attachment). Can anyone steer me right.


    Thank you so much bheadrick! Works great except for high volume uploads. I was trying to upload 10,000 entries and got this error:

    “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in C:\dev\www\wp\wp-includes\class-http.php on line 1152”

    I’ll have to cut my workload into thinner slices

    Energykick, just use “csv_attachment_thumbnail” without quotes.

    Bheadrick – is there a way to create just 1 thumbnail rather than 6? Ideally I would host the thumbnails offsite and use the url only, but 6 files per post is going to require me to get a VPS

    Hi, I see that i can use
    for the featured image. I have some posts with multiple images. How can i specify these ‘extra’ images?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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