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  • Denis, thanks for this plug-in! I’m having an issue with the importing the date…all posts come in as drafts (that’s fine) but they all have the import date not the date that’s in the record. I’ve played around with format, etc. and it doesn’t seem to matter. Any thoughts?

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  • If you could post your CSV file or a couple of rows from it to pastebin, I’ll probably be able to tell you what’s wrong. My guess is that it has to do with date formatting after all – currently the plugin is very picky about that.

    Hello dvkob, this plugin has been working excellent! Thank you. I am only having problems in a new server and am thinking the problem could be related to the server settings but I want to make sure.

    After double checking headers and making sure the csv works in the original server and wp install, I tried it on this second server and after hitting submit nothing happened. Evidently, the server is not taking the upload.

    Could you please tell me where should I start looking for this problem? WP doesn’t indicate any error, neither states what the problem could be. I am not sure where to look into. Thanks.

    wpbob, how big is the CSV file you’re trying to import? By default, PHP has maximum upload size setting at a rather load value. If you can successfully import the sample CSV file that comes with the plugin, take a look at PHP’s config file php.ini, find upload_max_filesize directive and see if it’s set too low.

    If you don’t have access to php.ini, ask you hosting to adjust the setting for you.

    By default, PHP has maximum upload size setting at a rather low value, that is.

    Does CSV Import not allow you to connect to a csv file after uploading it via FTP like CSV 2 POST does?

    I am sorry everyone.

    It was my server that was running php4. We upgraded to php5 and all is working perfectly. Once again, thank you for this great plugin!

    WebTechGlobal: No, it does not. You can only upload files from your computer.

    wpbob: Hm, usually people get an error when they try to use the plugin with php4. In any case, I’m glad it worked out.

    Getting this issue with my new plugin, Easy CSV Importer but I never with CSV 2 POST! Or I never realised the issue was there maybe.

    Anyway, playing around with all the php date formatting functions and 1970 etc keeps ending up as the post date in the php itself however the post publish date still ends up the now date!

    I’m thinking WordPress needs the input date to be formatted exactly including with time, I figured the insert post function would do this for us or does it and I’m still on the wrong track to figuring this out?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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