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  • Ruriko: I don’t know which version of WordPress you’re running, but in 2.7 you can batch change the status of all imported posts to ‘published’. Look for ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown on ‘Edit Posts’ page.

    any way to make this plugin import PAGES as opposed to POSTS?

    I know there are ways to convert at the backend after the import, but I’d rather have all the field names match properly to properties that are distinct to pages/posts…

    Denis, thank you for this wonderful plugin.

    I use excerpts a lot. I understand the script will not import them? They get added as ‘custom fields’ and then I have to go into each post manually and change the location of the record.

    I have tried modifying the csv_importer.php file to include lines such as ‘post_excerpt’ => ‘csv_post_excerpt’,

    in ReserveFields but could not make it work… Just playing around as I am not a programmer. Could you please give some guidance here? Thanks again.

    ari14850: While it’s not hard technically to do that, I’m afraid that it will unnecessarily complicate the plugin’s interface. Moreover, pages are for static information that doesn’t change much, like ‘About me’ or ‘Contact me’. I can imagine a blog having 5 or 10 or at most 15 pages. Why would you want a *batch* importing plugin for a one-time import of 15 pages?

    wpbob: You’re welcome. The latest version of the plugin, 0.1.2, supports excerpts. Use ‘csv_post_excerpt’ field.

    Hi Denis,

    Thanks for this plugin, I have been waiting for something like this for nearly a year now. I haven’t even tested it, but I’m getting a very good feeling from what I’m reading.

    One question comes to my mind though. It looks like posts are imported as drafts in the latest version as well. In my opinion, that is undesirable… The CSV import does save one a lot of administration time, but it would be even better if the posts get imported as published. So if the posts are set to a date in the future, it would simply be scheduled. THAT would save one even more time!

    I’m not particularly interested in importing thousands of posts by for instance creating affiliate sites with loads of products (like many using this plugin would). However it would still be nice to import enough posts for 2 to 3 weeks (already scheduled) and be able to take my mind away from the project.

    Unless this is technically impossible/undesirable, it would be nice if it was this way. 😉

    Cheers for a long-awaited plugin!!!

    For the pages to post issue I use the plugin posts to pages. It works out pretty well to change the posts to pages.

    Just thought I would throw that out there.

    dvkob, thank you for that change!

    This plugin looks excellent, just what I need, but I am having trouble importing posts with a post date that’s in the future, please can you explain how this is done.

    At the moment if I use a future date in the CSV, the correct date shows in the date column in the list of posts, so I know the date is being imported.

    But because the posts are imported as drafts (surely importing as published would make more sense?), I then have to bulk publish them. And when I do that, they’re all published immediately, rather than on the correct date.

    I’m running the plugin on WordPress 2.8.4

    dreamyguy, jefff66: Ok, importing as published makes sense in this case. I’ll add an option to import posts as published in the next version, which will be released during the next week or so.

    Thanks dvkob

    I’m looking forward for the update, it will come in handy soon enough 🙂

    Cheers dvkob!

    dvkob – I am using a real estate plugin that wants each listing to be a page, not a post (it puts them in a hierarchy so the menus don’t get too crazy).

    Not sure why they did it that way – but the feature would be very useful in this plugin.

    maybe to avoid confusion, there could be a csv importer for pages and a csv importer for posts, this would mean 2 separate interfaces according to user need.

    How can i define the the subcategory within category that are not already created. Currently it’s not possible to do that.

    ari14850 – did you ever figure out a way to import as pages? I need to do the same…

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