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    I tried importing a csv which was saved with microsoft excel on my mac. I started with your included “sample” file, and then put in the info for my posts. I tried uploading 120 posts, but it didnt work even though it didnt give me an error message. I dont see the posts anywhere in my wp dashboard.

    My question is if all that data gets stored somewhere even though it didnt successfully import??? I just dont want a bunch of junk laying around somewhere on my server

    Im thhinking it didnt work because my mac version of Excel might be screwing up the escaping of quotation marks and commas. Have you had any other people who seem to have issues with the mac version of excel?


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  • flick


    @21clg: Having tested CSV-Importer a lot this past week, I can definitely assure you that any problems are really to do with the actual import file rather than CSV-Importer itself.

    If you don’t see any posts where you’re supposed to have imported it to, then I would hazard a guess that it’s unlikely the upload was successful.

    Perhaps you can provide a sample .csv file for us to look at?



    I’m having the same issue although I’m getting the message that nothing imported. I also think that my file is getting screwed up by my mac version of Excel since sample.csv uploaded perfectly. 21clg, did you resolve the issue using other software to format the CSV?




    There are issues with the Mac Version of Excel and CSV files. Downloaded and opened my CSV with Open Office, re-saved and it works.


    The issue with Excel/Mac is the line endings (carriage returns). If you open the file in BareBones’ TextWranger, a free download from, you can change the line endings in the status bar of the window by setting it to “Unix (LF)” — it will probably say “Classic Mac (CR).”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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