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  • Resolved passiman


    First of all I would like to thank for fix for the create post project bug.

    You have not selected a content template yet, this is a requirement for all projects

    This time Its not displaying the list of content templates in content tab so that I could select one for post.

    The title tab displaying the list of template where I could select one for post.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • Hi

    Can you see your content templates as posts in the admin under the Content Template menu, as a custom post type?

    If you do nothing comes to mind why that would happen. Did it happen straight after updating the plugin?

    Thank you for making us aware.

    Just double checked the plugins interface and I have a long list of content templates showing.

    There was a change in this area recently but it was only to increase how many templates are displayed.

    Have you installed any other plugins directly related to posts? CSV 2 POST is querying posts and any plugin that has a hook to do something when posts are querying and is faulty, could cause this. I’m guessing that is not the case but if you do have other plugins activated please disabled them all for a moment and see what happens.

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    I was working on this area today and never found anything strange.

    I made some changes to the function for display the template options so that it could also be used in a new Default Excerpt Template panel. So I’m going to set this thread to resolved as the new version works a bit different and if you do still find any issues you can let us know if it happens in the Excerpt panel also.

    Hi Zara

    Thanks for your reply. Couldnt reply you earlier. But it was my mistake I ignored couple of things. Its working now and creating post as well.

    But I have two questions:

    1. All the post are same as the 1st record in CSV file.

    2. Can we mention the categories the post relate to in CSV file, like creating the parent, child relationship — Country—-UK—-England—Sussex.

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    The plugin updates a used record with the POST ID created using that record. That update ensures the record is not used again. The POST ID is added too a column named csv2post_postid.

    Sounds like that is not being updated. This was an issue many versions and not being reported anymore. I will have a browse over the code though to see if anything stands out. If I do find a problem, I will release a new version instantly.

    As for categories.

    The free edition allows 5 levels of categories so yes you can carry out the example stated with 4 levels.

    Hi Ryan/Zara

    Thanks for the plugin. Guys I am trying to use this plugin, till now I managed to create post the Post Title displaying correct — different for different post but post content is same for all the post which is the first post content.

    I know I have raised this before but did you managed to have a look in the issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This should not be happening in the latest version. I’ll run some tests now.

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    Have you checked the project database table and confirmed that the issue does not begin with the data import i.e. all records having the same content apart from those used to create the title?

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    I have witness this issue for myself. I’m going to try and get a new version out within an hour. The bug should not be complex.

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    Fixed 🙂

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You should see a huge difference now.

    Please contact me directly on [ email redacted ] to discuss a reward.

    Thanks Guys!!

    Finally everything seems to be fixed at the higher level. Displaying the post and title correctly.

    Not a bug but!!! The only thing is the Version number under change log is 6.6.2 and on the Download Version is 6.5.2.

    Thanks Keep up the good works guys!!!

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    Silly me that version number issue is my fault. I have been changing it to trigger update notifications etc. I think I was doing that around about the time our daughter was born so I’m going to let myself away with this 🙂

    Thanks for raising it. I will need to release a version today to fix it.

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