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    I’m in need of some feedback regarding our current approach with template designs please.

    They are required to be advanced for features like multiple database table projects where a project uses data from more than one source. The table names need to be in the tokens so that CSV 2 POST know which tables data replaces the tokens, a precaution for when two or more tables share the same column name but actually hold different table.

    This sort of thinking is for our most advanced users, but we need another approach and I would like the idea to sit for a while before I get started.

    The Idea

    I’m considering allowing users to create their own column replacement tokens. It would be an optional approach, so that the current approach does not vanish and confuse current users. The current approach is also quicker anyway.

    Users would type in tokens until they have a token for each place the need data to be inserted. They would then pair database table columns with each of their tokens.

    The Advantage
    The current system does not allow a template design to be used with multiple projects in certain situations, something I was trying to avoid but it is not really possible. Explaining these situations and teaching users what situation they are in with their project and the limitations that apply and why; is not an easy job. It is a level of support that leans towards consultation, it just gets so advanced.

    The approach of creating our own tokens would allow a template to be used for many projects. It would require more meta data being stored with the templates i.e. a separate set of relationships (columns to tokens) for each project. Actually a lot easier than it might sound and I’m looking forward to implementing it.

    How does this sound to you?

    If you have a need for sharing designs between projects please let me know.

    Why Use Template Designs In Multiple Projects?
    If you need to ask, you probably don’t have a need for the ability. However it never hurts to know what CSV 2 POST is capable, there is a lot of hidden ability.

    Some users import data to multiple tables, not a multiple table project, just multiple database tables holding different types of product data. They want the data to be used in different ways, different templates and different category setup but still on the same blog.

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  • Zara Walsh


    This feature has been started.

    Taking our time on it while we figure out the best approach. It also exists in Easy CSV Importer and we’re adapting both plugins with different approaches. As we go along we determine one way is better than another and it works our great in the end.

    It is not a priority though. We have gradually tightened our task list up and this featured dropped down the list. It has been requested many times but it’s one of those features that could be very problematic if thrown in quickly. I mean existing users, using the plugin for months and some of our users have used for 2 years. They might get a bit confused.

    In short. It’s coming, but not anytime soon. It will get little tweaks here and there.

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