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    I am looking for some help, I wanted to identify if it is possible via CSV2POST if the plugin will will allow me to import a CSV file with fields to create a new form via Pages?

    Then once the form is created that I can split the form into pages so a user does not have to keep scrolling down a single page to complete the form?


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    That sounds like fun 🙂

    In three years of working with WordPress import plugins no one has come too me with this one. Totally possible though. There would be various approaches to how this would be done. The approach you would need to take would probably be decided by how good your data is.

    Any chance of a sample of your data, just a few records? It will help me understand this more.

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    For the sake of anyone else who may happen to have an interest in such a feature.t CSV 2 POST will import HTML and so if you have HTML form objects in your data they can be imported.

    However a post is created per record. Your entire form process would need to be in one record OR each form object is in a different record but records are grouped by some sort of form ID. CSV 2 POST could be customized to create multiple posts, each with a HTML form and a relationship created between each post. Slightly complex.

    It could also be done with Ajax but that is best being added after a good CSS and HTML prototype is running.

    Thanks WebTech for getting back to me,
    So what I have is a list of variables that need to

    I have just sent you an email to with some sample data and further details, so I would appreciate what you come back with?


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    No email received.

    Try sending too

    Thanks, just re-sent

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    Thanks Brian.

    I have added this request to the plugins to do list so that it is not forgotten. Development will continue be fast on CSV 2 POST for many months so I’m sure it will be done.

    An upgrade like this could take a week. There is a lot to think about especially in linking posts together to create a chain of posts with forms that make up a complete form process. Allowing the user to continue where left if browser is closed, anti-spam bot per form, storing the information per form while the user goes through each page and the management tools to make sense of it all from the admin point of view.

    Plenty to think about to do it properly. It is a standard thing on the web but doing it through auto-blogging will require some precise functions.

    Hi Ryan,

    I just wanted to make any enquiry with you regards the CSV2POST improvements we spoke about in August and if these will be at all possible, if so if you had any timelines?


    Hi its Zara.

    This type of request is not priority in CSV 2 POST right now due to the plugin being so new. But it has not been ignored that I promise.

    There is about 2 months worth of work on the plugin to add more commonly requested features like user import and ability to assign different users to the generated posts. I mention that one because Ryan is starting work on it today.

    Your request is in the list and the only thing that changes the priority of anything in our todo list is when we are hired to apply changes. Not allowed to discuss that sort of thing (money) on these forums but I just want to put out some understand of how we work.

    Your request will be done but it could be months away. We are trying to add a basic version of everything we have, in the free edition. So when the work is done you should see something on offer in the download from this website. Then we will finish more advanced abilities and settings for the full edition.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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