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  • Resolved Rob2525


    I’ve been having trouble with the CSS plus on my homepage

    After i enter the CSS and save the page it appears to work correctly, until i refresh the page and the CSS plus just disappears for some reason.

    It’s fine on all other pages.

    Anyone know what this can be caused by?

    Any help is very much appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    If the home page has a template different from others, make sure it calls the same get_header and if it there is the function wp_head.

    Hope this helps

    I’m having a similar problem. I had the CSS all worked out on 4 pages last night. All tested and working well. When I came in this morning those pages weren’t rendering the CSS. I looked and the CSS Plus field said “click to add style” on 3 of the 4. The 4th was fine. All of the pages use the same template.

    It held the data for a few days previously. It was only the plugin, not the body text.

    I love this plugin, it’s fantastic! I just want to make sure I don’t periodically lose my data.

    Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    I’ll check it tonight, and now return what is happening for you guys

    Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    Update your plugin to version 1.3.2;
    Do not worry about losing of your data. They are stored in the database in the posts table with the other fields.

    Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    I don`t found the error in version 1.3.2

    I ran into this same problem. Seems like I can ‘save draft’ and preview, and it all looks fine, but if you refresh the edit screen the CSS disappears from the box.

    Bummer, it looks like a great plugin 🙂

    too bad there is still no fix for this one. also i experience the same thing. i enter the css code and it works fine. then i refresh the page or click on another link and the css code is not in my page anymore.

    when i look in the page below i see the code is still present. i have to click update again to see the css code.

    this repeats over and over again. used it vanilla with the latest wordpress edition and it’s still not working..


    That does look like a good alternative, but I’d miss the syntax formatting you get with CSS Plus. Also, it looks like it hasn’t been maintained in a while. Has anyone used it with 3.5.1?

    I really like CSS Plus both for style and function. For now I have been using it like a CSS test page to workout the css. Then I just add it to the “Edit CSS” wordpress module when I’m done. It’s not ideal, but it works for now.

    I use it with 3.5.1 and it works like it should be working. Above each page or post you have a box where you can dump your css codes in for that particular page.I do not need more. It works perfectly.

    3.5.1. here and nope, it works once and then quits working. 🙁 This could have been a great plugin.

    Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    In the next version, I will fix the problem.

    im having the same probelm

    when you plan on update the version with a bug fix


    Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    next week, ok?

    Plugin Author paulo4lzn


    The reported errors were corrected.
    But remember, use the last WordPress version, last CSS Plus version and insert title before save draft, ok?
    The save_post action works with title filled.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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