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  • Plugin Author christopherross


    Tamojyoti, that’s a great question.

    The plugin wasn’t specifically designed to appear in a post but if you add the following code to the plugin file (try around line 39):

    add_shortcode('Crossslide', 'cr_wp_crossslide');

    now, in a post or page you can add [Crossslide] and the slideshow will appear.

    Tamojyoti Bose


    christopherross, Thank you it worked.

    How does it work for multiple postings with different images?

    Plugin Author christopherross


    At the moment the plugin only works for five images, defined in the wp-admin for your website.

    I am however added a new feature which would allow you to rotate a variety of images in the next versions.


    i tweaked the code and now it can take take upto 20 images.
    I was also trying a bit to make the code using the local jquery instead that from This plugin can be made more robust.

    anyway u can see ur plugin in the site:

    I installed this but the only settings I have are width and height, nothing to control the transition effects… and what code do I need to put in my template in order for the slideshow to show up?

    Just copy the below lines and paste in the template where you want to show slideshow

    <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[Crossslide]’); ?>

    Plugin Author christopherross


    Thanks Tamojyoti, that’s correct but you can also add <?php echo cr_wp_crossslide();?> to the theme for the same effect. or [Crossslide] to a post

    Any idea why I don’t have any way to control transition effects, just width and height??

    hi i dont understand what to do. i click on the plugin and the only option i see are the images sizes and where to put the image links.. what do i do next? i just want a borderless fading transition between 3 or 4 pics and fading in and out in maybe 2 secs? is there i tried just copying and pasting this:

    sleep: 2,
    fade: 1
    }, [
    { src: ‘sand-castle.jpeg’ },
    { src: ‘sunflower.jpeg’ },
    { src: ‘flip-flops.jpeg’ },
    { src: ‘rubber-ring.jpeg’ }

    into the custom code widget i am trying to use but it doesnt seem to work 🙁

    any help would be awesome! 🙂

    After installation when u click on the link u should see 2 text box for height and width and 5 text boxes for the image url links. These 5 boxes r by default filled by 5 image urls just replace with ur image links.

    Has anyone figured out how to link the images? I’ve tried playing with the plugin code, but haven’t had any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. 🙂

    Hi all

    Great plug-in!

    Has anyone figured out how to slow the animation down?


    Plugin Author christopherross


    The new version has an option for controlling speed, in the admin you can control the speed by editing sleep.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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