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  • While I love the premise, the flaws make it impossible to use. I was initially excited about them able to earn points for sharing as well as commenting but unhappy that they didn’t get points for posting.

    I also wasn’t happy with people mysteriously getting thousands of points in a day for doing very little.

    I could have lived with most of the above except for the fact that it makes my site take several seconds longer to load and if the captain up website is down, which it was several times last week, it keeps my front page partly loaded for close to a minute before it finally acknowledges it can’t load captain up and continues to load the page without it.

    I am losing way too much money being crippled and unable to load for such a long period.

    I would love to come back to it should they change it where my site isn’t crippled if the captain up site is offline.

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    Hi @raradra,

    Thanks for reaching out and for all the feedback.

    With the new addition of Custom Actions to Captain Up, you can now easily set up incentives for your users to post on your site, though some coding is required. Please see our API docs for more info on this. Adding built-in support for user-generated content on WordPress and BuddyPress websites is on our immediate roadmap, and should be available in our next plugin versions.

    We have some basic anti-cheating algorithms in place to detect and handle suspicious user behavior, but if you are not content with some of the users behaviours you can always block them in your Captain Up admin panel (under the Players tab). Could you please share with us a link to your site and point us to any ill weird activities so we can investigate this further?

    Finally, the Captain Up script is loaded asynchronously. This means it does not negatively affects your site performance in any way. In fact, Captain Up will load only after everything else has loaded on your site. Moreover, modern web browsers load several resources simultaneously, so even if one resource hangs the loading will not stop. You can check our status page or follow us on Twitter for service issues. While our service availability isn’t perfect, we’re hard at work on it, and had a 99.98% uptime this month.

    Hope this helps and clarifies things a bit

    If you are still having problems, please share a link to your site with us so we can further help out.


    I don’t currently have you installed on my site. When I had you a couple weeks ago your site went offline a couple times and it did affect my site. You would try to load the home page and it would just hang saying “loading captain up” for a full 60 seconds before it gave up and finished loading. During this time you could see part of the site but you couldn’t anything until it finished trying.

    When I went to your site to say something I realized you were offline. This happened 2 times in 1 week that I know of for sure so I uninstalled. Otherwise it loaded fine. Just when you were down it affected me.

    As I said we don’t have you installed right now, but the site is

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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