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  • So a while back I installed wordpress in my public_html directory. Previously a different site I had hosted had used the same space. During that period of time, I had a shopify store set up so I wanted people to see the front page as a static page and installed wordpress only as a blog in the /blog directory. After deleting the old site and changing the domain hosted, I installed wordpress and have it set up so that the front page shows a static page and posts are loaded to /blog (a page)

    I’ll delete the /blog (directory) and my site will work just fine for a few days and take visitors to the /blog (page) and then something will happen and the directory will re-appear. I’ve tried deleting it and renaming it. I’ve contacted my hosting company and they’ve told me that it’s not their server back up restoring it, so it must be a plug in. I found the following information from someone else having a similar problem:

    “The plugins installed on this particular wp site turned out to have some info stored in them that kept the former location they were in, in this case the folder /actividades/ before i even began working on the site.

    So someone moved them via ftp out of the /actividades/ folder and into the root which did not update the path in which these plugins record their images and data and blabla so they kept remaking the folders…

    I deleted the core wp files then the wp content folder and then the remainder of the site and went for a clean re-install.

    Given the messy php nature of wordpress itself, not to mention that of its plugins… it was simpler this way. Locating the precise script that triggered the folder recreation was out of my league.”

    1: How do I figure out which plugin is doing it? My wordpress install was fresh, with all new plugins added after the new install.

    2: If i missed a plugin from the old site it wouldn’t be installed in my wordpress install, is it possibly still running some .php and re-creating the /blog directory without being installed in my newest install of wordpress?

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