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    Excuse me for my English, I’m french. I’m gonna try to explain my problem.
    First : thanks for this plugin. I use the free version.

    I have installed this plugin. I don’t want online payment. Automatically, my form of reservation redirect on Paypal. I just want a redirection with a thanks message for the reservation.

    A precision : I don’t chek the box “Enable Paypal Payments?”.

    In advance, thank you.

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  • Plugin Author codepeople



    The option to disable the Paypal redirection is available at the premium version of the plugin that can be acquired at this page:


    Come on, that is not pretty to force paypal functions in free versions. Use a limited booking or something if restrict.

    Plugin Author codepeople



    Please note that the free version is a fully functional plugin originally designed to make appointments via Paypal, the feature to disable the Paypal payment was added later on the premium plugin. We prefer to don’t limit the functionality of the free version in order to make it a completely functional product for the purpose that it was originally designed. New features are added to premium plugin in order to cover the time used for these developments.

    Anyway we will have your comments in mind for a future update.

    Thank you for your feedback.


    This is not a free plugin! Fck only paypal! This is scam.




    Forum Moderator

    How can something that is free be a scam? If you don’t like this plugin, use another one.

    I wish it was made clear that the disabling of Paypal function was not allowed in the free plugin version before spending the time installing and configuring. Would have saved me some time and I consider that to be a little misleading.

    This is supposed to be an appointment booking calendar not an appointment selling calendar.

    2 stars (plugin seems good just using some trickery to get people to buy premium version). Sneaky and not appreciated.

    Plugin Author codepeople



    Please note that the description of the plugin in both the listing page and the plugin’s page makes many references to the integration with PayPal. Anyway we will be adding a more explicit note about the PayPal integration according to your suggestion.

    Thank you for your comments.

    Well that sucks. I suppose it does require dev time to remove a feature, but it sure feels weird having to buy something to make it have LESS options… can’t rationalize it, off to find another plug I guess. 🙁

    Plugin Author codepeople


    The feature wasn’t removed. It was initially created to accept PayPal payments. The feature for working without PayPal (in a configurable way) was added later to the pro version.

    I appreciate that the original plug didn’t have this functionality to disable paypal, but it seems to me – given that you’ve now done the work, that you’d have more success selling the pro version by not including paypal support in the free version. I don’t need a payment gateway and I can’t even test this plugin without using one. It would be useful to at least include a pro demo page to see what I’m paying for. As noted by others, this feels shady even if you do seem to offer a great plugin – the execution is bad.

    I have wasted a day wrestling with this plugin trying to figure out how to disable Paypal before finding this thread. The free version of the plugin clearly states that discount codes are available in the pro version but makes no mention of disabling Paypal; I thought I was missing something.

    This feels a lot like sneakiness on the part of the plugin authors. I won’t be buying anything from Codepeople again, and threads like this do not do your product or organisation any favours. It would be much better to be upfront with your potential customers instead of wasting their time.

    Plugin Author codepeople


    Following your suggestions I’ve just made an update for adding a note in the administration area to explain clearly which features aren’t available there and added an additional explicit note to the plugin description to make clear that the feature for working without PayPal isn’t available in the version listed in this directory.

    I know that this update doesn’t answer all your requests but hope it helps to avoid confusion about the features present on each version.

    Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks codepeople, the plugin does look pretty nice, it would sure be nice to have an admin demo page set up to try before you buy.

    I agree its a real shame Paypal aspect cannot be disabled. Make me think twice before using codepeople again.

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