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[Resolved] [Plugin: Countdown Timer] Not showing events after upgrade from 2.4.3 to 3.0.2

  • Hi,
    I have a bunch of events and only show the next event. I don’t let them be removed after the event occured, so my old stuff remains. This is convenient if I want to use the same event if it’s being planned next year.
    Just upgraded to 3.0.2 (under WP 3.4) and after a refresh of my site I noticed that there was no data, whereas 2.4.3 nicely showed my next run.
    When I entered in the widget-settings -1 it nicely showed everything planned in the future. Back to 1 and none was displayed. So after increasing the number finally at 5 it showed the next event. With a setting of showing a maximum of 6 it shows the next 2.
    When looking up the settings I have 4 events which have already been passed. So where version 2.4.3 is disregarding this and with a setting of 1 only shows the first event in the future, the counter reads the events in the past. Can this be fixed? Otherwise I have to modify the widget everytime an event has occured, where in the previous versions it worked like a charm.

    Or am I overlooking a new setting?

    Thanx in advance.

    Greetings, Dick


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  • Update: in the example view it shows just the next events.

    A confirmation: the new version of the plugin works (I only display events to come), but the admin screen does -not- show the events, nor let the administrator add or remove events.
    For the time being, the plugin is virtually useless, I’m afraid.

    Plugin Author fergbrain


    @dikkiedick: The issue comes up when you have previous dates that you aren’t showing (as you noticed, which by the way was very helpful in quickly tracking down the issue). I’m working on a fix for it now.

    Plugin Author fergbrain


    @hlr: Can you be more specific about what version of WordPress you are using and what your exact circumstances are? What have you tried doing? Screenshots are helpful as well.

    Thanx fergbrain, good luck. Doesn’t look too difficult to me as the example-screen in the admin-window shows all future events. Somewhere a counter or so… If I had more time I would dig in the code myself.

    I have tested the stuff in the admin by adding and removing items but I don’t have issues with that, like Hans.

    Plugin Author fergbrain


    FYI: Just released version 3.0.3…see if that fixes the issues.

    Thanx Andrew, the problem has been solved.
    Greetings, Dick

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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