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  • Plugin Author AlanP57


    Yes, I ran MLP on a multi site and got the error when doing a network activation. For now, please go to the dashboard of the site where you want to run MLP and activate it (in plugins) there instead of doing a network activation.


    Plugin Author AlanP57



    I’ve upload a development version (1.02) that addresses the error you found. If you want to install it you will find it on Under Other Versions, otherwise this fix will be included in the next MLP release.



    Thank you Alan, you were right about being able to activate it through the individual site.
    I appreciate your response. I will look for the new version as well.

    Plugin Author maxfoundry


    Glad we got it worked out Barr. How many sites are you running btw?

    If you’re pleased with MLP and our support we’d really appreciate a rating. It’s a big help to us as we’re getting started.



    Plugin Author AlanP57


    This issue has been resolved.

    Hi Alan, I’m having all kinds of trouble activating MLP in my site:
    Issue are:
    1. Get the message “MLP not tested with your version of WP” — I’m using ver 4.4.1
    2. MLP shows up in sidebar navigation, but get the message “
    “Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0” when I select MLP from the navigation
    3. In your install video you say to activate it in “gallery” on the sidebar, there is no “gallery” option from which to activate it?

    I’ve unistalled and reinstalled it, hoping that would resolve the issues, and the issues are the same…

    Any advice?

    Plugin Author AlanP57



    You questions are important and they deserve to be in their own thread, not in an existing one like this one that is resolved. Next time, you can scroll down to the bottom of the support page where you will find the form to start a new thread for your questions.

    For the not tested with your version of WP issue, that should not be a problem, but I will update that version number.

    About the Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers is a conflict with another plugin. It could be related to a caching plugin but you will have to deactivate your plugins one at a time to see which one is causing the problem. And you can always do a google search on the error message to find out how others have handled this issue.

    As for the reference to gallery in the video, MLP was originally written as part of the Maxgalleria WordPress gallery plugin and later released as a separate plugin. The video was made for our Maxgalleria uses. And thus those who use media library plus do not have the gallery part of the plugin so there is no galley button. Should you want to try out Maxgalleria, you need to deactibate MLP and then install and activate Maxgalleria. To turn on the MLP feature in Maxgalleria you will need to go to Maxgalleria Settings and scroll down to the Media Library link to go to the page where you can activate MLP.

    Understood, Alan, I will, thank you, but so the string isn’t broken, I will commence on this thread…

    We don’t have a caching plugin installed, and deactivating most of the obvious plugins has not made a difference in the error. I’ve also installed Maxgalleria and get the same error when initiating MLP from within there. I’m stuck…

    Plugin Author AlanP57


    Then the conflict could be with your theme. Now in Maxgalleria there is a Support menu option. There is a system info section on that page that you can copy and paste into an email and send it to me at and that will give me an idea of what is running at your site. If you can also attach to the email a zip archive of your theme, then I’ll be able to test MLP with your theme.

    Plugin Author AlanP57


    bmonzel issue was resolved by manually creating the folders table:

    First deactivate MLP if installed. Then run MLP reset to clear the option that prevents rescanning of the Media Library and then deactivate MLP reset.

    Please verify that your database prefix is ‘wp_’. If not then change the table name accordingly.

    Open phpMyAdmin. Open your database and go to the SQL tab. Paste in the create statement and press the GO button

    CREATE TABLE wp_mgmlp_folders (
    post_id bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    folder_id bigint(20) NOT NULL

    Then do the same with this statement:

    ALTER TABLE wp_mgmlp_folders
    ADD PRIMARY KEY (post_id);

    Now you can activate MLP.

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