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  • RdVoNL


    I’ve updated this plugin on all our 8 websites and it corrupted all of them with a 502-error over Cloudflare; thank you!

    It appears to have changed some settings in our .htaccess and our databases!

    What have you done!?!?

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  • RdVoNL


    This is what I see in the info of our images:…

    Plugin Contributor Mark



    Sorry to hear you are having issues on your websites. The plugin update hasn’t changed anything in .htaccess rules and never changes anything in the database (apart from saving some options).

    Which version were you using before the update? 2.5.23? The only changes that have been made since 2.5.23 are:

    1) The icon classes in CSS have been prefixed with rsssl-
    2) Multisite only: Admin URL filter which forces url’s to http on non SSL sites, now doesn’t do this for the current blog.

    We have the latest update running on several sites ourselves, and it’s updated 16000 times without reported issues today.

    If you enable the error logging, and post the errors you see, and maybe your .htaccess, that might give some insight into the cause of the issue.

    You can enable error logging by adding to your wp-config.php:

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG',     true);

    Then any errors will appear in wp-content/debug.log

    Plugin Contributor Mark


    Can you post the html of such an image? And maybe a link to one of the sites?

    The mixed content fixer fixes mixed content in the site, including images, but the mixed content fixer code has not changed for several versions.



    Our 8 sites were running with version 2.5.23 and Cloudflare for months without problems… Until today when I decided to do the update to 2.5.24.

    Immediately it returned 502 Bade Gateway errors over Cloudflare. I can’t even get normal access to my dashboard. It returned 502 bad gateway errors.

    Even when I trashed Really SSL and deactivated Cloudflare it keeps returning me 502 bad gateway errors. I have cleared all caches (browsers, Cloudflare, etc.) and it keeps returning the 502.

    I checked my files and saw that at the same time I did the update, the .htaccess and wp-config files were changed.

    The plugin is not compatbile with Cloudflare and probably it altered some settings in such a way somewhere in Cloudflare that it keeps producing 502 errors, throwing old content and 502 errors.

    Since we’ve been using this plugin for more than 1 yr without any problems, the update must have triggered corruption.

    We’re now working for hours to make everything working again.

    Plugin Author RogierLankhorst


    If you removed Really Simple SSL, and the issue continued, then it can’t be caused by any of the php code. No changes were made to the .htaccess or wpconfig fixes. The .htaccess file can be updated by the caching plugin as well.

    If the .htaccess file was written by Really Simple SSL, it would be with the same lines as in the previous version. If you can post the RSSSL lines you have in your .htaccess file currently I can check that.

    Possibly the issue is caused by a caching tool, which clears the cache on plugin updates. I’ve seen that happen before.

    The plugin is fully Cloudflare compatible, it’s used by thousands of users on CloudFlare without issues.

    I would try to clear/deactivate your caching plugin and put CloudFlare on development mode to see if that helps.

    Plugin Author RogierLankhorst


    Maybe helpful to find the issue: Really Simple SSL only does three things:
    – changes your site_url to https
    – optionally adds a .htaccess redirect
    – if needed, adds a wpconfig fix.

    Both .htaccess and wpconfig changes are wrapped in RSSSL comments, so clearly recognizable.

    So if you have removed the plugin, and removed the .htaccess and wpconfig fix, all changes except your site_url have reverted to the original state. If that doesn’t solve the issue, there’s something else causing the problem.

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