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  • I am pretty clueless about writing code, I can read it ok and understand what its doing, but writing.. well thats something else..
    What I will do is write the code I want and what it should do, Im sure it’s written already and really simple for you guru’s.

    Bascally what I want is something that will count the times the tag and title reacures in the body of the post and for it to output the count for the numbers of times its repeated.

    What I would like to do is use the WP core for calls so that the Plugin is compatible and easier to update.
    What I would like to do is:

    Categories as a main selector in a drop downbox, which then gives a
    Drop downlist of posts as the selector.
    I want output to provide the tags and title for the post and page.

    Cat > Call post = Call Tags + call title.
    Output – Text box. Output value a….

    The text box so they are on the page.
    The value to do a calculation.

    I then want..

    Call post content. Search value a….
    Output number/count. per tag and title.

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