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    Hi, we are in 2011 now and I would like to know if you will be supporting HTML5, Theora and a player like
    Thanks for your attention!
    Have a nice day!

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  • Plugin Author Praveen Rajan



    The player used for this plugin supports HTML5 and Theora. But certain features won’t be affective if Theora type videos are used. Hence those file types are not supported currently by the plugin. I’ll definitely see if there is a work around for those.


    Hey, if you’re not too busy, I’d really appreciate a response. You created a great plugin, and it’s almost perfect for my current project.

    I’m working on a site that must be iPad compatible. What are the changes that I’d need to make to the plugin to make that happen? I attempted to make some changes, but they didn’t work out.

    After I make those changes, I assume I need to follow the instructions on this page?

    Plugin Author Praveen Rajan



    Yes you can follow the methods used in the sample provided in that link.


    Hi Praveen

    this is really great plugin, I have only started looking at it today.
    any chance of having html5 support (mp4 player for ipad/iphone) implemented within the plugin in the future release?

    or an easy way to change jwplayer for jw mp4 player

    I am not very tech savy 🙁 it would be one of the first video galleries plugin supporting devices without flash 🙂

    @falkor87 Hi, any luck with your project? I am looking for the same functionality

    Hi Praveen:

    I have a licensed copy of JW Player that I’m using with your excellent plugin.

    I manually uploaded the files of my licensed build to the appropriate folder in your plugin’s directory, so that the JW Player watermark no longer appears. So far so good.

    But I’m having problems accessing the videos on an iOS device. v5.7 of JW Player does have HTML5 support, but the plugin doesn’t appear to activate it. I followed the link above, but I’m afraid I’m not savvy enough to implement it.

    Will your plugin soon be able to take advantage of JW Player’s augmented HTML5 functionality?

    thanks, Daniel



    I’m having the same issue. not able to play on iPhone. Please add this ability.
    Thank you.

    I love this plugin and it is easy for any client to use.

    The lack of support for the iphone has bothered me, so I decided to write my own javascript to force the iphone and ipad to use a mp4 file.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Yes, that would definitely be helpful. Do you plan on posting the code?

    Of course, it would be extra super helpful if HTML5 capabilities were built into the add-in. Praveen?

    cheers, d.

    OK, sure. You obviously need to also upload a mp4 file! This is a jquery call:

    var deviceAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
        var agentID = deviceAgent.match(/(iphone|ipod|ipad)/);
        if (agentID) {
    	// simple call to replace flv with mp4

    I’m confused. I already upload mp4s exclusively, which CVG can apparently handle just fine without additional code.

    BUT… How are you getting them to display on an iOS device? My iPad refuses to show my CVG videos, stating that Flash Player is needed. I have installed the latest version of JW Player (which is HTML5 capable) into the appropriate directory of my CVG folder. What else needs to be done?

    cheers, d.

    Sorry for the delayed response. I was having the same problem initially.

    It turns out that you need to properly encode your videos.

    I think they need to be H264, and the mp4s need to be streamed. I used MPEG Streamclip for my conversions and it worked (on a mac).

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