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    Hi Praveen,
    I am finding that when I attempt to use ‘Delete’ or ‘Upload Preview Image’ from the Manage Gallery section I consistently have a blank transparent overlay shown and nothing further happens.

    I really like the look of your plugin and would like to use it but without particularly the delete feature operational it is impractical for me to use it.

    I am using version 1.6 with a simple gallery of two videos. My server does not have FFMPEG installed on it, if that is relevant. Apologies if this post is innappropriate here. I did search for other posts regarding this issue and found a number of posts in the plugin & hacks category from people asking for help but none carrying any solutions or answers, so figured maybe the support area was the right place to raise this.

    Looking forward to hearing any help available.

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  • Plugin Author Praveen Rajan


    @ amazinggitboy

    Could you try out the following and let me know about it. I’m not sure what is causing this problem as I’ve not come across such an issue.

    Go to your plugin directory and open up css/thickbox.css file.

    In the file comment out every line starting with display style.




    /*display:none; */

    Praveen Rajan

    Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for your quick response. I’ve given that a try and found that now when either function is tried when the blank transparent overlay appears, now there is also a small box with a stripey animated progress bar in the centre of the screen with no text on it.

    The bar never moves or completes, and the page stays in this state forever if left. However, if the overlay is clicked anywhere else except the box or bar, the overlay disappears along with the box and bar and the page returns to its original state before the buttons were pressed and the functions have not been executed.

    Do let me know if there’s anything else I can do to try to find you more information to help with this problem, I would very much like to do all I can to help get this resolved.

    Thanks, – and your help is definitely appreciated.

    Plugin Author Praveen Rajan


    @ amazinggitboy

    Could you give me details of your development environment like OS, browser, WP version, theme.

    Praveen Rajan


    I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and IE9, which all do the same thing.

    The WordPress install is version 3.4, and the host is a Linux machine running on Debian Linux (with Dreamhost). The Dreamhost docs say it will either be 4.0, or 3.1r4. If you need to know the exact version I’ll dig and try and find out (Dreamhost don’t make it quickly obvious unfortunately!)

    The theme is Albeo.


    @ Amazinggitboy & Praveen Rajan

    I love this plugin and so far its the only one I’ve found to do exactelly what I’ve been looking for. I to had the same problem as amazingitboy, always got an overlay screen when I tried to delete a gallery or an a preview image. I looked over everything and found the problem to be with the #TB_window ID.

    For some reason a visibility of hidden is being applied to the class and causing it to not show properly. Not sure where this is being applied to the ID in your plugin but thats as far as I’ve looked into it. Simply fix the visibilty of hidden being applied to the #TB_window div and it’s all set and working better.

    Plugin Author Praveen Rajan



    Thanks for the finding. May I know how exactly you fixed it. Where is this style getting added? I could not see this in my environment. I’m able to see the popup clearly in my page. And I dont find any visibility style getting added. I would like to know the steps to resolve it, so that I could add the fix in coming versions.

    Praveen Rajan

    Thanks Ryan, that’s really helpful!

    That gives us a good angle to look at and see if we can figure it out. I’ll follow that through and see what I can find. I’m pretty green with all this stuff so that’s a big help.

    Much appreciated!

    Alright so I found the problem and it’s a conflict with other things that I have installed, to fix it I just simply went into the thickbox.css file and then on line 47 under #TB_window I just inserted…

    visibility: visible !important;

    now your plugin will read that instead of listening to other installed files. Tested it out and it works for me fine now, hope that helps you two out and anyone else that’s been having problems with this plugin. Thanks again for providing this plugin though, really love it and all of the features you packed in there man good job


    I’ve managed to get things working! Ryan’s suggestion was spot on. I have now successfully deleted a video and everything seems to be working fine.

    I do really like this plugin and will enjoy using it immensely.

    Thanks very much to both of you for your time and help. It’s greatly appreciated.

    Have a good day!

    Plugin Author Praveen Rajan


    @ryan.Griffin.414 and amazinggitboy

    Thanks for the support and review about my plugin 🙂 Do provide your ratings.

    Praveen Rajan

    actually this doesn’t seem to have cleared up the issue for me. I’m having the same problem. Is the tb_Window supposed to have content in it? when I firebug or chrome console it, i see nothing in the tb_window div.

    actually I noticed that you included fancybox in your plugin and reworked some stuff in the gallery-details.php file to accomodate the change and now its working for me.

    Plugin Author Praveen Rajan


    @ JohnnyTest

    May I know what is the current status? Is it working for you? Admin pages popup window and front end popup window are different actually. Admin page uses Thickbox and Front page popup uses FancyBox.

    Praveen Rajan

    Since I switched the back end to fancybox it is working. I had to of course change the href of the upload photo and delete links and add a trigger class to them in the gallery_details.php file. Also add the jquery initiator for them and up at the top and commented out the tb_show function triggered by the onclick, but left the value setting function. Lastly, removed the display none from the divs that actually contained the forms and wrapped them all in a div container with display none. Its working fine now that I switched to Fancy. Of course I’m left in the position of having to disable upgrades now though in fear of it breaking again….no idea what the cause of this is. Disabled all plugins and tried the fix above to get thickbox to work but I was on a deadline….

    I had the same problem.

    After deactivating all plugins and ruling out the culprit, I found out it didn’t work with

    “After The Deadline Version 0.49008 by Raphael Mudge”


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