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  • Hi Praveen, Great Plugin.

    Installed because I wanted a (self-hosted) video widget in the sidebar for a site I’m transferring to WP.

    The sidebar only needs to show a preview image – the preview image already has some copy in the image: “click here to view…”
    So good job my host hasn’t got FFMPEG installed otherwise I’d get an automatic image, which in this case I don’t want. IF I had the FFMPEG extension, would I still be able to assign a manual preview?

    No issue for me or client that only PNG preview images supported, but when I set quality of preview image in Gallery Settings to 100 (thinking this would be best quality) I got a really low quality image. Note that I’d set the width and height of the preview to be the same as the uploaded image.
    Tried re-uploading the preview and adjusted the preview quality to 90 and then it displayed fine. Just thought I’d check it again while I write this, and it seems even putting 999 into the quality now makes no difference.
    Just a bit confused about what is best quality and why the exact same image was “rough” first time, but fine afterwards. I’ve checked and it’s definately replacing the thumb each time I upload…

    Next thing I tried both the CVG Showcase and CVG Slideshow widgets.
    Showcase fine, but Slideshow doesn’t work properly with just a single video in the gallery. The widget displays the preview, but then fades to a blank image, then back to the preview, and when it opens in the lightbox it says there are 2 videos (video 1 of 2 / Video 2 of 2) under the video – click either and you get the same video. Small bug and I’ll probably use the Showcase one anyway. Just to let you know.

    Last thing is all the HTML/css markup for the widget. I don’t want to display “Showcase” or “Slideshow”. If you set the slideshow widget title to nothing, then on a page it defaults to “Slideshow” rather than nothing. Similarly if you make the gallery description blank, it defaults to “description:” when displayed on a page.

    OK I’ve already removed the title by changing my css file so that any H3 tag within the widget has display:none, but the description is in a div with no classes. This means I have to hide all divs and then display the one div with the thumbnail in. Bit clunky for noobs!

    I think it would be cool if you could have tickboxes in the widget:
    “Suppress title display” and
    “Suppress description”
    This is like some other widgets and would make it easy to control what you want to display.

    Whilst I’d be comfy editing the php to make for simpler markup, I don’t want to because you seem to keep updating the plugin with new features and I’d like to be able to get all the new stuff!

    The only other thing I’d say is that I have to give the client full Admin rights to edit the video gallery – would it be possible to put the content side up in the posts/pages/comments section in the administration so editors can access it, but have the global settings only editable by an admin?

    They’re my only “minor” gripes, otherwise this is a fantastic plugin.

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