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  • Hi Donncha,

    First of all, thanks for the great plug-ins! (I use CFC, WordPress Hashcash and WP-SuperCache, which I think is an essential plug-in!)

    Anyway, I added your htaccess code to block spam before it even reaches WordPress, but when I tested it, I found that WordPress still recorded the comment as spam (and I found it was in the database). I’m sure I’ve got the cookie code correct, but what I think may be the problem is that my blog does not reside in the root directory of my site. Do I have to put in the blog directory ahead of “wp-comments-post.php” in the code perhaps?

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  • The rules should go into the same htaccess where your WordPress rules are, usually. That should be in the directory where wp-comments-post.php is, but you can change the rewrite rules to point at the wp-comments-post.php if required.

    Hi donncha,

    That’s exactly where it is, as per your instructions (before the WordPress rewrite rules, right?).

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding the way it works. I was expecting to see nothing of spam blocked by .htaccess. Is my assumption correct, or does it still get recorded as spam if I have CFC set to “Spam”?

    The .htaccess rules should block the spam ever before it gets to your blog. I’m not sure why they don’t work for you, sorry.

    My blog resides in the subdirectory “english” – how would I modify it to point directly to my WordPress directory? I tried the obvious /english/wp-comments.php but that didn’t work either.

    I assume I must have the cookie code correct, otherwise I can only imagine no one would be able to comment!

    The only other possibilty I can see is some kind of conflict with AskApache Password Protect’s rewrite rules (these are placed after the WordPress rewrite rules by that plug-in).

    Actually Donncha, I just thought of something that could solve my problem, and make life a lot easier for everyone: why not add an option to CFC to add the right htaccess code automatically, just as WP-SuperCache does for example?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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