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  • Plugin Author Richard


    Hi there, thanks for the feedback! Good suggestion about the icon and the cookie, I’ll add that option in:

    “When you dismiss the header, it will disappear with no drop-down tab shown. If you delete the cookie that controls it, the header will be shown again.”

    Let me know if you have other requests as I’m working on another round of development.

    I’ll be making a release later today with a new shortcode to display the cookies you do collect in a neat table. There are several table designs available, and you can further customise it with your own via CSS.

    I’d like to agree with pates. In particular on my site the arrow obscures a part of the top corner of the site.

    At the very least I’d like an option to change this graphic and/or move it.


    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi David,

    Thanks for evaluating my plugin!

    In the next version you can choose:

    – Show banner in header or footer
    – Display “show again” tab or not
    – If you do display “show again” tab choose right or left margin, and the pixels/percent from the right or left margin
    – Show again tab can use custom icon or be text
    – Nicer button styles
    – Greater control of HTML / CSS

    Plus a bug fix to remove slashes from the message & link text boxes in the admin panel and a few more features.

    I’ve finished the coding the main plugin, I’m just updating the settings page so should be done soon. If you’d like a preview of version 0.9 please get in touch via the contact form on


    Great work 🙂

    Hello Richard. Nice work with your plugin.

    I was about to install it on my blog but, having read all the threads in this forum, decided to wait until the new shiny 0.9 is out 😉 How imminent is that?

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi Neville,

    Thanks for taking a look at my plugin! It’s getting ever nearer but not likely to be today (anniversary- wife will kill me if work late again). I’ll probably have it finished within the next 24 hours though.

    If you contact me through the contact form on my website I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done.



    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi, just a quick note to say I’ve addressed your feedback and the latest version should do all you want it to. Hope you like it! If you do, please consider rating it, I’d appreciate that.


    That’s great Richard, thanks. I’ve installed the latest version I see, 1.0.1. Installs fine (unlike other cookie plugins I’ve tried, it doesn’t cause a 500 server error on activation).

    However, I can’t actually get it to do anything. A boxed text appears on the bottom right of my screen with the text “Privacy & Cookies Policy” that is a link. See it on my blog:

    Clicking on it does nothing even though I’ve edited the link on the settings page to link to a specific page on my site about cookies.

    I suspect it’s something I’m not doing right in the settings. Can you give me an idea of what I’m doing wrong?

    Richard, I think another plugin, or maybe the theme, is interfering with the cookie plugin. The link I mentioned previously is the show-again tab. I just disabled it – and nothing now displays at all.

    Other than turn off all plugins and re-activate them one by one, or switch themes, what else can I check to see where the problem lies?

    Yep, it’s the theme. I just tried the default WordPress theme, and the toolbar shows.

    My theme is Thesis 1.8.4 with the ThesisFolio skin. Any suggestions on what I can do to make the plugin work with this theme?

    Hi Richard,

    I just wanted to say Thanks to the BEST plugin for EU Law Cookie Consents! Ive tried tonnes but yours is the best!

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi Neville, if it’s theme related that might be hard for me to fix. Unfortunately as theme code is called after plugin code, some settings (mostly scripts and styles) sometimes overwrite required settings. If you could start a new support thread about this I might be able to help a bit more. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Richard


    Hi Spexgroup, thanks very much for the kind words, glad you like it!

    Thanks Richard. An interesting situation! To be honest, to get involved in trying to figure out a solution outweighs the benefit I perceive in finding that solution. If I had more spare time and willingness to spend it on this, then I’d certainly do that.

    In any case, thanks for your work on the plugin, I like it as it’s a pretty good way of informing visitors about cookies.

    Plugin Author Richard


    No problem Neville, understood. All the best.

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