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  • Lovely plugin, I’ve tried most on this cookie issue and none are quite right, yours is pretty close. I’ve made a small hack for a major tweak but really it should be this anyway. 😀

    These two I did for myself:
    When you register your cookie post type you shouldn’t be doing a conversion on EVERY pageload of all the old post meta, there is a Action Hook for version upgrades.

    Secondly, that conversion shouldn’t be using the entirety of a WP_QUERY class instance to load the cookie post types use get_posts() instead, quicker, less memory use and it doesn’t mess up the URL query.

    Feature Request
    What I haven’t done is worked out how to stop the cookie jQuery file (not the main one, people might be using that) loading if the “agree” button has been pushed. Why load a file/make a HTTP request for something you don’t need anymore?

    Other than that I’d say this is the best Plugin out there for cookie notification, it doesn’t slow down the site more than it has to, it doesn’t add any DB queries (just makes the wp_options load a little bigger), loads JS in the (ideal) footer and is highly configurable in a nice UI (although you could shrink the load a little my not having so much custom UI), and I haven’t seen any PHP notices which happens more than it should in WP plugins).

    All in all, currently 7/10, with my 2 tweaks and request 9/10, and a point left for improvement. 😛

    Good Job. Look forward to trying any of you other plugins.

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  • Plugin Author Richard


    Hi there,

    Glad you like the plugin, and thanks for the comments and suggestions, much appreciated. Would you mind sharing your code? I’ll provide attribution where used, of course.

    That’s a great observation about the additional HTTP request. It would have to take into consideration the ‘show again’ tab which many people are using on live websites- that requires the script to run. I’ll be honest though, I don’t think I’ll have time to implement that feature, there are some other enhancements I’d like to make first. However if you’d like to contribute to the codebase I’d be interested in your thoughts- you can contact me via the contact form on

    There’s a major efficiency opportunity I’ll be making to the DB access and also the serving up of CSS which apart from being quicker, will remove json and will allow custom CSS for complete presentation control.


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