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    Please be aware that this plugin does not work out of the box. you have to download a base plugin as well and that plugin loads up another 9 plugins!!!!!!

    If you don’t mind having another 10 plugins added to your database then go ahead and download this one.

    The extra plugins may not be activated but they are downloaded and clogging up your site databases.

    I’ve given thep lugin 2 stars because it works but it losses 3 stars because of the additional overhead it puts on your site.

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  • Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Thank you for your explanation of the rating Kevin.

    The reason that cookie-cat uses oik is to take advantage of the lazy smart shortcode technology that oik provides.

    The next version of oik, version 1.17 which is currently in alpha test, takes the first step in reducing the number of plugins you need. If activated the child plugins will relocate themselves and become separate plugins in their own right… which you can then delete.

    At some unspecified time in the future oik version 2.0 will only contain the base code that is needed to support the other plugins. The additional plugins will no longer be delivered as part of oik.

    I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at with regards to clogging up site databases.

    If you’re really concerned then you may want to try the following.

    1. Visit oik options > Shortcode help
    2. Choose the cookies shortcode
    3. Find the cookies – snippet section
    4. Copy the generated HTML
    5. Paste it into your page to replace the [cookies] shortcode

    You can then deactivate cookie-cat and, if you really have no need for any of the oik shortcodes, you can deactivate oik as well.

    If you have found a use for some of the oik shortcodes, and would like to try oik version 1.17 before I release it to the general public then please let me know.



    Hi bobbingwide, thanks for this plugin, I have found it useful. I am looking forward to a time when I only need to install two plugins to get cookie-cat working though.
    It’d be great if we could delete the additional plugins – I see that if you go to delete an individual plugin, it removes all of them, including the base which is required for cookie cat to work.
    I’m not so much concerned about “clogging up the database” more that some clients don’t have a lot of web space available, and are sometimes alarmed when they see a huge list of plugins.
    Does work a treat though – thanks!

    Plugin Author bobbingwide


    Hi Ang C-bam. oik version 1.17 has now been released. In this version the child plugins relocate themselves to become standalone plugins. You need to activate them first, then they relocate, then you deactivate the ones you don’t want and delete them. If you update to a newer version of oik which contains the child plugins you’ll get them again… but at some future time they will no longer be delivered as part of the oik base plugin. So your requirement will eventually be satisfied.

    An easier way to remove the unwanted plugins is to delete the source files using your control panel OR ftp.

    My automatic plugin relocation solution is intended to support the user who has activated a child plugin and would be a bit upset if it suddenly disappeared on updating to a newer version.

    Regarding disk space usage.
    The total size of the oik plugin is less than 2MB. Which is smaller than some images you find in the uploads directory. Sites can get into all sorts of trouble when they run out of disk space. Do your clients have enough web space for backups?

    Re: huge list of plugins.
    There is a general concern that the more plugins you have the slower your site becomes.
    That’s true of plugins that believe they have the right to clog up your website and fire stuff to your web pages just in case they actually get invoked. The oik plugin philosophy is to load the code lazily. In many instances the required functionality is only loaded when it’s needed. However, it’s an uphill battle that I’m still fighting. For example, the oik base plugin registers all its shortcodes but your page may not use any of them
    … in my defence… then why do you have oik installed?
    … your response… cookie-cat.

    Hope that helps.

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