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    Hi Adam,

    I can understand that when you click on video thumbnails it redirects to the home page, this is because you could have deleted the video page so I request you to check the trash and restore or create a new page and add the plguin code “[video]” in page content.


    It is Not posting my new videos, and the page is way off?

    Not sure what happened here?

    I had to place in both
    [video] [videohome]

    Just to have the other areas show, and it looks horrible?

    What happening?

    Thank you….

    Plugin Author hdflvplayer


    Hi Buxton,

    While installing the package itself, three pages will be created automatically and the following codes are “[video]“, “[videohome]” and “[videomore]”. If you are facing any problems with the automatic creation of the pages, you can manually create the pages and post the plugin code on the pages. Alternatively, you can add the plugin code to any existing pages, if required.

    Actually, we are not able to see the problem that you are facing from your side. If you are still facing the problem or needs additional assistant, please feel free to contact our support team through .




    Hi i am also having same problem, videos that are already added to plugin are playing properly but whatever videos we are newly adding are not at all playing properly ie., when clicked on sidebar widget its not redirected to video page



    at first i couldn;t get the player playing i deactivated the w3 total cache plugin and the problem was solved.Then the video thumbnails didn’t redirect to the [video} or {videomore} page,i deactivated the jetpack and the problem is solved.E-mailing contus support didn’t help at all.I hope ithis will save other’s time.

    This is a really good plugin, i have it on my website currently at the problem i’m having is that i’m not able to login once i have the plugin installed. usually i’m able to login using [siteurl]/wp-admin but once i have the contus video gallery activated that page comes up blank. Also when i activate other plugins or updated pages the reloaded page comes up blank. I have to ftp and rename the plugin folder each time i need to log into my website. I am really interested in purchasing this plugin but not if i’m not able to get my website working as it should.

    This plugin also doesn’t work if WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are different. It seems to be something with jquery, but support doesn’t know how to fix the problem. I have isolated the problem to jquery calls, but they keep telling me that they need full Admin permission to my site. All I’ve gotten is inadequate support for what initially appeared to be a very promising plugin. This is a very disappointing and expensive situation!!

    I just got Contus HDFLV Pro for WordPress and am having so far 10 problems.

    1. There is no audio on the videos.
    2. The big player thumbnail is stretched and pushed to the upper left corner.
    3. The videos cannot be viewed in their actual aspect ratio, using Fit to Screen, Original or Aspect Ratio.
    4. The logo flashes only for a second and is not seen again.
    5. The thumbnails are displayed in the wrong aspect ratio.
    6. The settings panel also locks up the computer for 15 seconds every time it is accessed.
    7. The pause button doesn’t quite work.
    8. Clicking on a video takes you a completely separate page, with just a player in the middle.
    9. The number of views being shown seems incorrect for all videos.
    10. The video controls are not flush with the bottom of the video, and do not autohide quickly enough.

    I find no settings to adjust these problems, and no obvious codes or configurations to fix them.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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