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  • I’m actually in the process of updating this awesome plugin by rajeevan. The thing is that I, like others, need only certain pages/posts protected. Therefore I am adding a few hooks to the already awesome plugin but was wondering one thing… should I submit it under a V2 title? Or just send it to the original author, if he/she can be contacted?

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  • It is an abandoned plugin.

    It is also a very needed plugin.

    Please do all of us a favor and make a V2 version!!! It is not unusual you know…

    Be well.

    Haha, honestly I only needed one person to say “do it” well looks like I know what i’ll be doin’ on my next day off work. 🙂

    Let us know when V2 is out!

    Any feature requests would be greatly appreciated asides from the regular “warning-per-post”

    As far as I can tell the “Cookie Expiry Time” does not work. It would be nice to disable the warning after people click OK for say a day, month, year, forever.

    I know the “Cookie Expiry Time” works because on my clients site I have it set to expire every 24 hours, and in that time frame I always get a popup. However, I do agree it would be easier to simply have a selection of days, months, or years rather than do the calculations yourself.

    I think I’ll localize this also. Any objections just say so.

    Maybe I don’t understand how the cookie is supposed to work. I thought that you would not receive another content warning until the cookie expired?

    Sorry for not being up on the lingo but what do you mean by “localize this”?

    To see what you were talking about, I set the timeout to between 1 and 90 seconds. I too found that by doing that the cookie timeout doesn’t work. Though after sifting through the code, there isn’t an issue with the functions, everything is nailed tight and all functions are properly used, this leads me to believe it’s a browser thing.

    Localizing a WordPress plugin basically means I’ll provide the English language translations files, and others will be able to translate as needed.

    I’ve tried this with several browsers, MSIE, Firefox and Chrome. I get the warning every time I start a new session with my website no matter what I have the cookies set to.

    It would be nice to click “Enter” and not be asked again for a week, month or whatever.



    I’ve had to give up on this and other popups as they disappear behind flash videos in posts. I’m unable to add wmode=”opaque” to every video. If someone knows another way to get this popup OVER flash videos let me know.



    maybe user jquery to automatically add it to the appropriate tag



    @jerry: I’m not sure what you mean by that?



    If you want to use wpmode=”opaque” you can automatically add it via jQuery. Jquery had it’s way of adding and subtracting elements from the DOM.

    Adobe tells you how to do it manually via the HTML:

    Since you know that now, you can do it dynamically with jQuery manipulation methods.

    Still curious or confused, just let me know and I’ll write it for ya 🙂



    Jerry, any news on your progress on this plugin? I REALLY need it for an upcoming project.

    Thanks for your efforts so far.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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