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    As you guys have seen in my update history, there are so many issues when I code after hours. I actually got around to updating the cookie issue, well guess what, I did it after hours and I broke something extra haha…

    So here’s the thing, in 2.4.11 you’ll notice a few changes, however, if you enable the “Sitewide” option, it breaks it. So please refrain from using it just for today, keep the “sitewide” option disabled. I whole heartedly promise to get some great sleep and fix this plugin when I wake up and get a good bit of coffee in me.

    To those users who were experiencing an issue with the dialog not showing up at all, please click my support link provided, or click it here:

    Fill out the form, and I’ll get on it ASAP! My goal is to make this a rock solid plugin, and until I can be sure it’s solid, I won’t be making any addons. After all, who would build on shaky ground? Anyhow I wish you all the best and look forward to some posts tomorrow… er… today!

    Additional Idea
    I am thinking of just making “nightly builds” instead of commits, but for this to work, I need people willing to test these nightly, more like weekly, builds. To do that you’ll have to subscribe, or watch the development log.
    Links if you don’t have them: – Released Versions – Dev Log – Dev Log RSS

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