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  • Client bought this and asked me to configure, on a clean updated WordPress.

    1. Editing slide , deleted 2 slides, added 2 vertical ones, uploaded an image to each, hit update and plugin page goes blank.

    2. Add 2 vertical slides with 2 sub-slides and an image in each, hit update, image in first slide is gone. Preview button is buggy. Insert into post button works only occasionally.

    3. Advertise “skins” when they are clearly just layouts.

    4. Very limited control, for a pro version it is not configurable for categories, tags, taxonomies, custom fields.

    5. No short-codes or function parameters of any kind besides width and height.

    6. Vertical slides are buggy when output to post/pages.

    7. Very poor documentation with regards to WordPress, then again there are really no options with this plugin.

    Seriously this plugin would be OK if it was free, but because you charge for a pro version it is very questionable.

    ps. Your WordPress vertical slide demo on your own site is broken….

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  • I don’t think it would be okay even if it was free.

    There’s no API for adding navigation (except for SmartDeck, and I can’t use that,) and when you ask them for some help, they suggest you learn how to code it yourself.

    The community around SD is either not interested in sharing code, or SD doesn’t want them to. They could EASILY front some code for good navigation, but instead they suggest you do it yourself. Pretty sad for something that costs a hundred bucks.

    Thank the Global Interweb gods for open-source.

    This plugin is horrendous. I can’t imagine any of the positive reviews are authentic. The options are extremely limited and bugs show up during even the most basic interactions. DON’T BUT.



    Yep, I tried it too. Did NOT work. And I thought it was just me. 🙂

    Came across this site however and they seem to have it working on the “About” page.

    I’m thinking they shelled out for the premium version, but honestly if you don’t support the free one, how’s anyone supposed to trust you for the paid version?

    Bought the Pro version for a mission-critical site and before launch, turned off all plugins to set it up. Why? In the Admin settings, choosing a new deck ‘should’ popup a selector but instead, it sends me to a second page.

    Clearly there is a lightbox conflict. But instead of helping they suggest I copy my production site in to a sandbox environment and selectively disable plugins. Any developer that understands jquery and javascript knows that eyecandy in the admin is superfluous and just adds problems.

    Sorry I shelled out $79 since I can’t make new decks without shutting down my site.

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