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  • Very good and useful plugin. Thanks.
    But I have noticed a very strange behaviour of it.
    1. Timezone was set to “UTC +1”. I installed the plugin and set the expiration period of one article. I did not log-out from site, I just checked the result on my site after 5-7 minutes and everything was fine – my test article disappeared from site and had a status “draft” as expected.
    2. But then I had changed Timezone to “UTC +4” (I have a reason for it, because it is more correct). I tested the results on another article, but nothing happened even in a hour. I tried to logout, to change Timezone back, deactivate plugin, reinstall plugin (and noticed another strange thing – my plugin settings did not nulled when I installed plugin again, but I checked option to delete all plugin data in plugin settings…)
    3. Nothing…
    4. I uninstalled plugin. I had a backup of my database. So, I cleaned my database in PHPMyAdmin and imported my backup. I installed plugin again, set all things as at the first time… but nothing. It is very strange. After that I re-imported my database several times – but nothing again.
    5. After all I set timezone to “America/Chicago”. And everything works!
    But it is so inconvenient…

    I wrote all these with one idea – I’m trying to help you with this strange timezone bug. May be my information will be useful for you.

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  • Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Thank you for taking the time to give me such thorough information. This is very helpful!

    When you changed the timezone the first time (Step 2) I understand the behavior. At this time, Content Scheduler saves the expiration date / time as a string rather than a date/time. There is no date math done when it comes time to consider expiration. I hope to change this to storing datetimes probably in UTC. Probably not until 1.0, though.

    2 through 3 makes sense — I don’t the the plugin is successfully deleting the expiration times when you delete the plugin. Adding that to my list as a fix.

    Item 4 — this one seems strange.

    Item 5 — I’m not surprised, but still scratching my head. Early on when I was having problems with wp-cron (still the bane of my coding with this plugin) I would get nothing to work right with UTC-6, but when I used the names like “America/Chicago” etc. things would work.

    Anyway, thanks again for taking time to give me this info. I’m trying to push out 0.9.8 by the end of this week, and will address these issues.

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