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[Plugin: Content Scheduler] Set automatically 7 days until expiration

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  • Really great plugin, but same question here. I would like only the ‘news’ category items to be moved from published to draft after a certain amount of time, like one week or one month. Not post by post. That’s too much work :).

    Also, if something like the plugin ‘future posts’ is enabled, for instance when using a certain category for events, it would be great to be able to add different expiration dates for different categories. The news category items could be moved after one month, starting from the published date, and the events items could be moved one day after the published date.

    I really hope you can make these adjustments… 🙂

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Hi Nikolas and moxie,
    Thanks for checking out Content Scheduler, and for sharing some nice ideas.
    * Auto expire every post by certain amount:
    — This is certainly doable.
    * Different expirations for different categories:
    — This can be done, as well. It is a feature I’m adding to a paid version, though.

    As I write this reply, I’m working on proper i18n support, and trying to figure out why some people cannot get posts to expire on their setups. Once I get these problems worked out, I’ll see about adding your requests.

    Thanks again,

    sounds like a great tool.
    I have asked befroe – but do yuo have any idea when you will have a WPMU (>3.0) version available for Multiple site implementation?
    Tx – Erik

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Hi Erik, (and anyone else…)
    I’m finishing i18n today, while trying to figure out why some folks can’t get their posts to expire. I don’t have a multisite setup for testing right now. Would you be willing to test it out if I send you a copy with multisite support, to speed things along?

    Hi Paul – absolutely we have WPMU 3.1 setup with 4 operational sites. Assuming your plug-in does not disrupt DB’s I am very willing to test it – best regards Erik W

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Content Scheduler 0.9.7 should be out tomorrow 5/19/2011, with correct Multisite support and some other new features, FYI.
    Take care,

    Sounds great. Will it be possible in this version to set a certain amount of time for each post? For instance, I have some posts that I would like to switch from published to draft after two months, and other posts (same category) after 6 months or so, or two years.

    Hi Paul, trying to get input to you fast, but in the WordPress plugins the current version on May 20 is 0.9.6. When is 0.9.7? – Erik

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    0.9.7 is sitting here on my netbook — I have to test just a few more things before releasing. I sincerely apologize to those of you who’ve been waiting for 0.9.7 features — I’m in the middle of quitting my job, though, so I can work on WP Development full time — maybe that will help!

    Moxie, in the standard version in 0.9.7 you can set ONE default time, which would do something like “Add 6 months to the publish date, and that will be the expiration date.” However, the ability to have multiple such defaults will be in the Pro version only.

    (Pro version basically takes all the stuff you see in Content Scheduler options screen and packs it into a “Profile.” You can have as many profiles as you want. When you tell a post / page / custom content to expire, you tell it to follow whatever settings are in a specific profile. So, each profile could have its own default expiration, to meet your needs.)

    Thanks all,

    Hi Paul, I’m looking forward to that pro version when it comes out. I would love to have posts in one category be unstickied but not drafted, while having posts in another category just be drafted.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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