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  • Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Some folks have said their posts aren’t expiring. A couple notes:
    1. wp-cron (the mechanism WordPress uses for scheduling) only works when people actually visit your site. If you are testing Content Scheduler on a development site, and you’re only hanging out in the Administration backend, you may never see expiration happen.

    You have to visit a page on your site to trigger wp-cron.

    2. Content Scheduler 0.9 only checks your content for expired dates and times every hour. So again, if you are testing, you have to wait at least an hour before you would see changes.

    I’m working on 0.9.1 now, to allow folks to set their own amount of time between checks.

    3. If you still aren’t seeing expirations happen, try disabling the plugin and reenabling it. This resets the wp-cron scheduling.

    Version 0.9.1 will report on the setting screen whether or not there is a wp-cron problem going on, so you can take action.

    Paul Kaiser

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  • Ricardo


    Hi Paul, great plugin, i have a question, can i translate your plugin to any other language (spanish)? how?
    Thanks in advance

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Hi Ricardo, glad you like Content Scheduler.
    For the next release of the plugin, I will address:
    a. Consistent string handling (so the plugin can properly be translated)
    b. Ensuring it works in WP Multisite installs (unrelated to your question, but just saying…)

    Once this version is ready, perhaps you would have time to help translate it into Spanish? I can point you to the right resources for how to do it.

    Take care,



    Yes i can help you just tell me how and i’ll do it.
    Best wishes

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Hi Ricardo,
    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I did add localization support in recent versions of Content Scheduler. I also found the following resource for those who want to translate plugins:
    I’m still working on reports of Content Scheduler not executing properly on some systems.
    Anyway, if you end up translating anything, please let me know.
    Take care,

    My posts aren’t expiring and I’ve tried seeing what happens after an hour from the front end (ie. not logged into the dashboard). Any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong? I’ve got a test page at which should have expired already.

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Greetings Vernon, and anyone else still having problems getting content to expire. I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out a solution — my plugin is following the rules, and many folks use it with success, but still too many are having problems.

    It is possible this is related to PHP version 5.2. I haven’t seen any installs using PHP version 5.3 with a problem yet. However, I need a bit more data to draw that conclusion and try to make it work.

    Please, if you cannot get Content Scheduler to work, get me the following info:
    1. WordPress version.
    2. Content Scheduler version.
    3. PHP version on your server.
    4. Your web host, if applicable (e.g., Hostgator, Dreamhost, etc.)

    I sincerely want to fix this problem and move on to taking feature requests for the community.

    Take care,
    Paul Kaiser

    hey freakingid
    mine isnt working either
    my details are:
    1. 3.1.2
    2. 0.9.6
    3. and im not sure if this is what ur chasing, but its phpmyadmin version
    4. BlueHost

    also would it maybe have something to do with another plugin?

    Thanks for your prompt response Paul.
    Perhaps some data to help confirm your suspicion about PHP version…

    1. 3.1.2
    2. 0.9.6
    3. 5.2.14
    4. Jumba
    I do have a few other plugins running on the site including BuddyPress.
    Hope a solution can be found though as this plugin should be awesome.

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Kevupton: Actually, I need the PHP version, rather than phpmyadmin. You probably use cPanel with BlueHost, and can probably check in the lower-left corner to discover program versions on the server. (I really should put a troubleshooting tab in CS to help folks with this, but that doesn’t help you at present…)

    Vernon: Indeed, another PHP 5.2.x not working. THANKS for your info!

    It is possible for another plugin to cause Content Scheduler (CS) to fail, but that has been ruled out for most folks. For the scheduling problem, you can rule that out by deactivating CS and then reactivating it, but not activating other plugins AFTER CS.

    The potential for other plugins to mess up scheduling is their improper use of a custom time period for checking. They can accidentally remove all custom time periods, such as Content Scheduler’s “CS User Configured” period.

    Hmm… I just got an idea.

    ah ok.
    yer i found it.
    my php is: 5.2.17

    hey freakingid,
    it seems that the posts I hard set to expire yesterday, expired over night.
    but they are still not expiring on specific time.

    actually it is just the time that doesnt work for me. The date causes it to expire, which is fine. I have set the time up on my site too, so im not sure why.
    But yer its just time not working for me 🙂

    Is it worth investigating whether my host will update PHP or hang back until you have some fix?

    Thanks for your prompt responses.

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    I’ve been looking at some significant differences between PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x. I want to make the plugin work with 5.2.x, and have changed my development environment to let me do so. I wouldn’t encourage your host to move to PHP 5.3. This fix is a priority for me, for sure.

    I tested the plugin and not a timed test post. I’ll wait a possible solution.

    It occurred to me one thing.

    The format of date and time is different because I’m in Brazil (Portuguese) may be related to my problem?

    The format is set
    “17 de maio de 2011”

    Somewhere in the configuration appears:
    17-05-2011 0:39:53

    2011-05-17 0:39:53

    You can be the cause?

    Lauro Faria

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