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  • Hi

    Great plugin! Simple but powerful.

    I’d like to ask is there a way to leave expiration date visible in posts’ column regardless of user role, or to determine to display it for defined users independently from visibility of expiration fields/shortcodes?
    I wish the option to manage expiration dates was invisible/not accessible to customers editing their posts BUT to keep their posts’ expiration date visible to them.

    Another feature request: is it possible to set a redirect url to point users trying to access expired posts? Ie. a post expires, John Smith tries to view it, but his gets a replacement page to see saying “this page has expired. Contact admin” etc.

    One note on date picker: it’s too complicated and a bit messy. And it’s my only negative note to the plugin! 🙂


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  • Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Thank you for the kudos and feedback.

    1. First point: Yes, I believe I’m removing the user role setting in the next release to simplify, anyway. It’s not like that is sensitive information (that I know of?) and you can hide the column from listing under “Screen Options” for folks who don’t want to see it. Consider this one “on the list.”

    2. Nice feature! Consider this one on the list, also. HOWEVER, keep in mind that if you make pages *really* go away, you might mess up your “link juice” earned in Google, et al.

    3. Date Picker: I have come to the same conclusion on the date picker. Also, it is inconsistent with the core date picker used when scheduling a post. That inconsistency bugs me! So, that date picker is also getting hacked out of there.

    It will be a few days before the next version is out, because there are significant (x2!) under-the-hood changes taking place.

    Thanks again, keep suggestions / etc. coming.

    Paul K

    Thanks for quick answer 🙂

    Regarding URL redirecting, maybe it’s a good idea to create that option in 2 ways:

    1. option of a default redirection URL set in the CS option for all posts

    2. option to set a custom redirect URL under their expiration date/time set at posts individually. This URL would override the common URL set in CS options. Is the file is left blank, the common URL set in the CS options applies.

    IMHO a bit more flexible way to manage redirecting. What about that?

    I also suggest there was an easier way (set at CS options) to manage notification messages upon expiration as it is quite difficult to dig through CS php code in send-notifications.php file. In addition, once the plugin is updated, my changes to notification text will be lost…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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