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  • Hello

    I installed the plugin at a fresh WP 3.4.2 instance w/o any other plugins and gave it a try. Seems there are issues and it doesn’t work as it should.

    1. I have set expiration frequency to 5 minutes and posts are supposed to go “private” after expiration and to be assigned to category “expired”. Does not work – once the expiration time is reached – nothing happens – posts stay published as they were. I tried to change the expiration frequency to different intervals, also “draft” instead of “private” – no matter – does not work.

    2. I’ve set options to notify admin/author upon expiration via email. Everytime I save settings, I receive email notifications over and over for posts that were supposed to expire (but they didn’t). Even I delete those posts permanently (from trash), notifications keep on coming each time I save plugin’s settings – no matter I change something in settings or not. I even deactivated and deleted the plugin and installed it one more time. It remembers deleted posts’ notifications anyway – each time I save options – emails keep on coming.

    3. I also noticed that if I didn’t use the email notification initially, and then turned it on, it also applied to previous posts that never used it. And notifications come once options saved…

    Is there any way to fix it?

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  • Handoko


    I’ve just posted an answer on your previous post:

    I like Content Scheduler, it obviously has more features. But because it also contains bugs, so I don’t use it. I use Post Expirator and I managed to make it work as I want.

    @handoko Zhang

    Same issue – Post Expirator does not do anything with my posts – tried on 3 fresh WP instances 🙁



    Hello, I don’t use Content Scheduler. But I’m using Post Expirator, I might able to help you to make Post Expirator works. If you want you can email contact me, so we can share screenshot pictures.

    For privacy reason, I don’t want to expose my email address here, you can contact me via:


    @handoko Zhang

    thanks, just sent you a PM with my email. TNX!

    Hi Folks.

    Another thing to note are your WordPress timezone settings. Under Settings > General.

    Setting a proper timezone did the trick for me.

    I have set the right time zone at the very beginning of my WP setup. Does not work anyway 🙁

    @kryvulena. When you uninstalled the plugin, was the ‘Remove all Content Scheduler data upon uninstall’ radio button set to ‘Remove all data’ ?

    I installed it 3 times at 3 separate fresh WP 3.4.2 instances. I didn’t uninstall it.

    @kryvulena. Hmm. Have you tried testing one setting at a time?

    Not sure what you mean. I tried different time/interval variants. There WP instances are on separate servers – not related to each other. I first thought it’s an issue related to one of the servers, but it isn’t

    I was thinking process of elimination.

    I meant to say, have the plugin only apply one setting first. For example, set it to only set your post status to ‘Private’ and not switch the categories or sticky setting.

    Something like:

    • Change status to: Private
    • Change stickiness to: No Change
    • Apply Category changes as: No Change

    Ah yes, I did so… no result 🙁

    @kryvulena. And you’re going to each post that you want to expire and switched the ‘Content Scheduler’ setting to ‘Enable’ ?

    Yes, of course. I also tried different expiration frequency from 1 minute to 60 or so.

    Hmm…. Try enabling the WP_Debug flag in your wp-config file. Then open the Content Scheduler settings page. You should see a Table of scheduled tasks (Cron Events Scheduled). This may help verify if the scheduler is set to run cron tasks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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