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    After noticing that the developers plugin website has long expired, as well as no participation in the forum over the last couple of months…it appears that development has stopped. I have also tried contacting through the developers personal website with no response back.

    Can anyone comfirm for sure that this plugin has now been shelved?

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  • Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Hi all (ducking rotten fruit you may be throwing.)
    I sincerely apologize for absence here and in development. A friend let me know things were afoot here and I should respond.
    Reason (not excuse) for lack of updates is I’ve taken on a big engineering job that has left me no time at the end of the day. It is my hope that by the end of October (that’s 2 months in) I’ll be up to speed and have time to get Content Scheduler back in respectable shape.

    Thanks for the update Paul…good to hear.

    Wow! good news! Crossing fingers for you Paul, both for your job and the plugin development :-))))

    Well…I guess it safe to say that development has stopped on this plugin. Maybe Paul can give us the final word.



    If he has dropped development, maybe he can hand over the project to someone else to maintain? Paul…care to comment? (by the way…great plugin 🙂

    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Hi all,
    I’m trying to get my company to take over Content Scheduler. I’m just too swamped.
    (6 open WP / PHP positions if you’re interested…)

    Anyway, I’m going to address a number of issues this coming week:
    tags — simpler to configure and
    notifications — simpler and a few more options to control frequency




    Thanks for the update Paul.
    I look forward to the update.

    Is there an official way to request a feature.
    I would like to see sorting/filtering on the expiry date column in the post admin screen.

    Also…what is your company URL 🙂





    I’m delighted to see there’s hope for the plugin development. I’d gladly donate to it if this is going to happen.
    For me personally it’s very important to keep and enhance the functionality to inform users upon expiration of posts by email: ie. 2 weeks before they expire and once they expire and to turn these post/pages into private status (or locking them in another way so that they can’t access them anymore until admin unlocks them). Another important feature is to make the plugin compatible with CTP. If any backend user’s suggestions needed, I’d gladly help with my brainstorming.


    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Version 1.0 has been pushed, addressing tag problems and notification issues. Please have a look, and let me know of further feature requests / bugs. I’ve finally got my SVN / Git setup working correctly so it’s much easier for me to push changes to the repository.

    Thank You for your patience…

    Version 1.0 isn’t working for me. In addition to notifications being broken, as others pointed out, it just doesn’t trigger. I set it to unsticky a certain post at time T. It’s now time T+10 minutes, it’s triggered no less than 4 times, and still the post is stickied. I wish there were logs we could check.

    It doesn’t work for me either now 🙁

    I’d be willing to make a donation for a working version of this plugin. I am using Multisite and WordPress 3.6 at this time.

    I am updating our current website to WordPress and want to provide a similar service for my Public Information Officer to what I have for her now.

    Essentially, she makes news items and the headlines show up in various portions of our website. However, she needs for the headlines to expire a specific times, not in the order posted.

    Thus, when I found your plugin, I thought I could stop looking.

    However, the plugin does not appear to be working. I am a web professional, and have checked all of the usual things that might just be set wrong.

    I have also tried multiple settings withing the options panel, and still with no luck.

    Please let me know if you think the issue may be something I have overlooked on my end, or it the plugin needs an update to work with WP 3.6.


    Please try

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