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  • I set the default value of expiring to one year (1 hour, 1 day, 52 weeks). Shouldn’t the value inside the field on the post edit screen then be automatically set? After publishing it now says ‘disabled’, and when I enable it manually, no date is set either (‘invalid’). Am I doing something wrong?

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    Same problem here, did you manage to make it work?



    I’m afraid not. But a good reminder to email the author once more about this.

    I still haven’t figured this out. When I set the default time to 1 hour, 1 day and 50 weeks, the only result I get is INVALID next to the post.

    I use “auto delete post” plugin and it works fine for what I want…

    There is also “auto prune posts” that remove posts and images after a period of time…

    Anyhow, I believe that Content Scheduler is still useful for custom field expiration…


    Yeah, but I don’t want posts to be deleted. I just want two mails to be sent after a period of time. One to myself and one to an e-mailadres I added in a custom field.

    Well, then I suggest you to try to contact the developer directly… or maybe I can help you find alternative plugins if you explain a bit more how it should work…

    Good luck!


    Plugin Author Paul Kaiser


    Oh man, so sorry this is still hanging out there.

    I’m addressing the following issues in the next few days, testing, and releasing update:
    1. Handling and documentation of how DEFAULT works.
    2. Notifications (some folks are being INUNDATED by notifications of expiration.)

    Just a note, which I should add to the docs: On any site where SEO is important (MOST) you should really think about what you want done with posts on expiration. Deleting them will lose any link juice you may have earned, and break any links people have made to the posts / pages. Changing categories or tags, however, should be relatively safe.

    A common use case for Content Scheduler is the addition of holiday posts that sites want removed or something after the holiday is over. Some sites will add it to an “Archive” category or something, or remove it from the current “News” category so the post no longer shows on the main page, etc.

    Okay, I’ll stop talking and go work on some fixes. Thank for your patience.



    I’ll be waiting for that update too!


    Thanks Paul! Like I said, for me the purpose would be to notify myself and someone else (the e-mailaddress inside a custom field) that a year has passed. Each post is ‘owned’ by someone, not being a registered user. This user should then contact us to let us know if the post should remain active, deleted or updated. Don’t know if the option of that custom field email address will make it to the update, but I’m patient ;).

    Hi Paul!

    I want to tell about plugin work. In my website his not working(

    Php version: 5.2.10 (but i’am tested plugin work on Php 5.3 -> problem is not solved)

    WordPress version: 3.4.1

    Can you help me, please?

    Just a thought …

    Is there any way to add custom field value to all posts in cron on hourly/daily basis?

    cause then it could add “+ 7 days” to all posts under “_cs-expire-date” custom field…

    Maybe to check if the post has “Enable” value in custom filed “_cs-enable-schedule”, but I think it not necessary…



    I found a way to add data to custom field by default, therefore there is no need for cron…

    Is there any way that “content scheduler” would understand “+1 week” from the custom field?

    thanks you

    i would have the same question as 3×4 has. What do I have to fill into the custom field called “_cs-expire-date” when I have chosen into the settings that a post should be deleted/drafted after 365 days ?

    Thank you.


    use “auto delete” or “auto prune posts” plugins … I use both… and set to 356 days for default to all posts…



    Auto Prone Posts seems interesting, but it has no update since 2010. I personally use Post Expirator plugin.

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